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Is this fan theory approved by the American Dental Association?

The other day when I was watching Home Alone I came to an odd conclusion - The McCallister family must be a cult. Now I know this may sound crazy at first, and to be honest it doesn't really get any less crazy down the line. But it does make sense. Sort of.

This is my theory, I have to defend it

So as you know, Kevin's family accidentally leaves him behind when they go on holiday to Paris. Pretty bad parenting, but I guess even the best of us make mistakes. The weird part about this is how they try to solve the issue.

If I accidentally left my son home alone and only found out when I was halfway across the world, I would have a moment of panic followed by a quick phone call. And who would I call? My friends and family of course! Surely the most logical thing to do is to call someone you know who lives nearby and ask them to go check on your kid. That way the local authorities don't have to find out and you don't risk them revoking your rights to ever have children again.

Kate McCallister doesn't have any friends

Calling a friend really seems like the easiest way to solve the situation. But what does Kate do? She calls the police. She desperately tries to get them to visit Kevin, even screaming on the phone to them. It seems like calling a friend would be a lot less trouble for her, but apparently that's not an option. Why, you ask? Well what kind of people only hang out with their own, suspiciously large family? That's right - the McCallister family is a cult.

The kids are victims of fear mongering

If you were the leader of a cult you'd want to make sure the members stay away from the outside world. Especially if they're children, you don't want them to grow up with any other influences than yours. (I read that in 'How to run a cult for dummies' by the way. Great book.)

And conveniently enough, the McCallister kids are scared of their neighbor. They believe him to be a crazy murderer, when he really is the sweetest old man ever. So who's responsible for this? It would make sense for their parents to spread the rumour to ensure their children didn't speak to anyone outside the cult. Of course they speak to other people occasionally, they have to keep up appearances.

What's in a name?

Now this is where it gets really uncanny. The McCallister family have a seemingly normal name, but is there more to it than we initially thought? The Spanish word 'alistar', which sounds similar to Callister, actually means 'induct'. Additionally, MC is an abbreviation for the term 'Master of Ceremonies'. So the McCallister name pretty much means induction ceremony. I don't know about you guys, but that's the most culty name I've ever heard.

All of this could be a coincidence of course, but we all know that's not how fan theories work. The McCallister family is clearly a cult.



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