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I'm a 3d Character artist and I'm a huge comic fan. I decided to make a couple of iconic Batman villains a few months ago using my favourite sculpting program, Zbrush.

Fortunately there's a lot of inspiration out there and as soon as I saw concepts of The Joker and The Penguin that grabbed me, I decided I was going to create them in 3d. I had already informed the artist months ago I wanted to do this but only found the time recently.

I made the Penguin first, original by Javier Burgos. I wanted to portray his apprehension a bit more forcefully so I stuck a batarang in the reflection of his monocle.

For The Joker, by creatureBox, just about everything was taken care of in the concept. I did however wanted to convey his maniacal expression from different angles and try to show just how crazy he is!

Was a lot of fun to make, Zbrush was very instrumental in the creation of these models and Keyshot was very useful for fast renders. I hope people like it.

You can find more of my work on Facebook or my website.

Cobblepot. Original by Javier Burgos.
Cobblepot. Original by Javier Burgos.
The Joker.  Original by creatureBox.
The Joker. Original by creatureBox.
Clay version, alternate angle.
Clay version, alternate angle.

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