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This is the best news of the year, I don't care what anyone says! Netflix's 'Divanation' to bring the 'First Wives Club' cast together again!

You heard right folks! The three most legendary female comedic actresses in Hollywood are joining forces again almost 20 years after they last worked together on The First Wives Club! Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton have all officially signed on for Netflix's original feature film titled Divanation about three ex-members of a once successful female singing group. The three estranged members are forced to come back together almost 30 years after the group's disastrous and hateful end, and the comedy ensues when old emotions and drama resurface as the trio remembers the good old days. So far, no director is attached and the final script has yet to be penned, and there is no official release date yet either. Really though, the most important part has been handled, THE CAST!

I am SO excited for this feature! Netflix has proved itself able to handle its original material very well and Divanation is set to expand Netfilx's audience and broaden the range of content produced. Also, may I remind you of the MAGIC that was, and STILL is, The First Wives Club?! Goldie, Bette, and Diane played three divorcees brought together after the tragic death of a mutual friend. These three amazing women join forces in showing their ex-husbands just how much they messed up and are missing out on!

Remember this legendary gem of a musical montage that shouted girl power to women everywhere?

And this line that basically spoke to my soul on a personal level...

And this one too...

And this scene where they all slapped the crap out of each other...

And this one....

Heck, even Jennifer Lawrence is a huge fan of the film which she proved when quoting Bette Midler's infamous line while winning a Golden Globe!

Can I get a HALLELUJAH? I feel like I have been waiting for this reunion my whole life, so don't tell me what to say and don't tell me what to do! The queens are back and you don't own me ;-)


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