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So far there's no doubting that December has been a crazy, totally jam-packed month with new trailers for the best films of 2016. We've seen the new trailers released for [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267), Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), Independence Day: Resurgence, Star Trek: Beyond, and now, one for the fifth installment in the Ice Age series, entitled Ice Age: Collision Course. Check out the first Scrat-ful trailer below!

That was your traditional Ice Age trailer, no? A lot of fun with Scrat, and a tease towards our other favorite characters as well.

Now, the great thing about the Ice Age series is that they can explore so many strange ideas and concepts about things that happened millions of years ago. They've explored concepts such as the first men, melting ice caps, dinosaurs, and most recently the break-up of the continents. Now it appears we may be getting something very different... maybe in a bad way.

While we can't do a full trailer breakdown with such a limited amount of footage, we can make a guess that this film involves a great deal of meteor activity, and we all know that meteors millions of years ago usually leads to everything on the surface of the planet being entirely wiped out. Will all of our favorite characters die at the end of this film?


Come on guys, it's a kids' film! The Mammoth, the Sloth, the Saber-toothed Tiger and all the others aren't going to die because it's a kids' film. Instead the meteor is going to come really close, it's going to get a little bit emotional (kind of like Toy Story 3) and then the meteor will fizzle out or Scrat will somehow blow it up from the cockpit of that alien spaceship he's in. However, it does present the interesting question of what the rest of the guys will be doing during the film while they await the expected doom. It's likely that they will find some strange quest to go on that is supposed to save them, which they will find will not save them, and then Scrat will accidentally save them. End of (quite fun) story.

But there is another important part of this trailer that could become rather important in the film, that of the whole alien spaceship thing in itself!

Now, Scrat presumably starts off the film with this alien spaceship debacle, but what is he doing for the rest of the film before saving the rest of the gang at the end? Is it possible that he will be captured by aliens?

Of course, there is some tragedy in this film, but in the crazy continuing story of Scrat's nuts, they are never truly lost, are they? So, if the extreme length of it being flung into space occurs, isn't it possible that another alien spaceship will come along and capture Scrat, and have previously already brought his nut on board? And then they could experiment on him and back out afterwards?

Thanks for reading guys! If you have another idea about what will happen in the newest installment, why not write about it?


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