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Oh boy, in the last couple of weeks or so, the internet has gone berserk with new trailers for movies coming in 2016. Much to the joy of seeing upcoming movie trailers, I think it has been a little too much. From superheroes, to more superheroes... and more.... throw in some turtles, and aliens, and how about some wizardry? We got it all in a matter of weeks, and with that, excitement, concerns, criticisms, and maybe just a little too much to compute. Well, after absorbing the sampling of trailers, where do they rank in my book? Now, this is simply by the trailer itself, not by how good the movie may be, because I simply don't know for sure. But one thing certain, for some, some major spoilers are shown, so be warned, if you enter, it's on you from this point.


Now I even shocked myself even putting it so low, I think the biggest reason for this is the major spoiler seconds into the trailer and just the tone of the full trailer in general. It has the cheeky comedy and from appearances, a load of action. Which is fine, but could it top heavy in that area and won't have a compelling story or character like they with Star Trek Into Darkness. The story and Khan was great! I remember that trailer and he was compelling. I don't really feel anything like that in this 3rd installment trailer, probably because J.J. Abrams isn't the director this time around. Who knows, it may turn out to be very good, but since I love the first two so much, that is why I have my concerns.

#6: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Out of the Shadows

Now I wasn't a fan of the first one. Let's face it, I and many have not been a fan of Michael Bay movies for years now. Here is another attempt at making TMNT fans cheer or cringe. On the surface, they probably took notes on all the complaints of the 1st movie and did some major rework on the turtles noses, the foot soldiers, they actually look like ninjas without the guns (Wow!) , and a revamped Shredder, big time. It looks like he is no longer Mr. Roboto. But here, he is not wearing his helmet mask, which I hope is a temporary moment in the film, otherwise that could be a major negative among fans. Also some more additions come into form of sports clad vigilante named Casey Jones played by Arrow's Stephen Amell & two new gigantic mutants by the names.....Yes, Beebop & Rocksteady. And yes, they look just like they did in the cartoon. I have to say, that is my highlight of the trailer.

Now I don't remotely have any concerns for it doing badly simply because this is Michael Bay we are talking about here. But once again we are getting an alien invasion with the alien invasion sound effect. This could easily be an intro trailer for most sci fi movies with invasions. Well maybe we will to see Krang and his rock soldiers. At least were are not going to have to see Transformer balls again....Maybe.....

#5: Independence Day 2 Resurgence

20 years have passed, and the aliens from the 1st Independence Day movie are back for revenge. After their defeat from the deadly computer virus Windows 95', they are ready to try and conquer planet earth once again. I really don't understand the appeal to coming back to earth, really. Trump is probably going to be president.......okay, blow up the planet. Jeff Goldblum has returned as well as Bill Pullman and Vivica A. Fox.... Hey, where's Will? Well he wanted a lot more money than they were willing to offer, so....No Will, no great funny lines. maybe he's holding out for Wild Wild West 2. It looks like his role has been replaced by Liam Hemsworth, you know, Thor's brother. Which sucks because Will's performance really made this movie go and Jeff is good in everything he does. But this is in between scary and intriguing. What if they had cast Liam Neeson as the general and he said to the aliens, "That we have a set of skills, that we stole from your technology." I'm sure the aliens will have more advanced technology and a stronger defense against Windows 95'.

#4: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Wizards, dust off your wands, magic is back! J.K. Rowling is at it again with a story about wizards and magical creatures in Fantastic Beasts.....and Where to find them. I don't know much except that this story exists within the same world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter. This may have transpired before he was even born. So who knows, we might see a young Dumbledore. Here, a box was opened, and with that, magical monsters emerged. So I am guessing they are trying to get them back in the box. Either way, this looks like fun!

#3 X-Men Apocalypse

This is the eight installment of the X-Men series (If you count The Wolverine), 3rd of the prequels with mutants taking on the very first mutant by the name entitled, Apocalypse. He is one of the most destructive mutants in X-men comic book history. He is a being from ancient Egypt that is looking to control all mutants, destroy the earth, and remake it the way he wants it to be. He's not asking for much. The X-Men must do battle against an unstoppable foe, along with his appointed four horseman, Pyslocke, Archangel, Storm, and Magneto. There were many reveals that I thought had spoiler written all over it, like the diabolic plan, and that Katniss, excuse me, Mystique looks like she is the leader of the young X-Men. Professor X once again appears to be compromised by Apocalypse's power, so is out of action, again. That's probably my reservations for this sequel. One of the strongest X-Men seems to be out of order or sorts often, which makes it convenient for the villains. Also, Mystique's blue skin seems to be absent thus far, so we don't know how much of Mystique we will see vs Jennifer Lawrence. And that is a true gripe, this has a Hunger Games feel to it. It's hard not to notice. Hollywood B.S. Not to mention, the time frame is the 80's, yet their costumed look too futuristic. I won't get into the appearance of Apocalypse, but the opinions & criticisms were abundant, leading re-shoots. The trailer is hard hitting, that's why it is so high on this list.

#2 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This could easily have been number one based on the scale and expectations of this movie and the characters in it alone. But there are lingering concerns at least for myself of this movie. I actually thought the previous full length trailer was more impactful. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot to like in this trailer. It looks like Batman and Superman will be throwing down with some real intensity. And naysayers can say what they want, Batfleck looks and sounds great. And Wonder gosh!

But I think this trailer gave away the entire plot. I can't imagine it being much different from what they have already shown us. No to mention the big spoiler.... starts with a DOOM, ends with SDAY.

And even though I have serious reservations of Jesse playing Lex, I can't wait to watch Trinity take form.

#1 Captain America Civil War

I can't be any more excited for this movie. After the highly successful Winter Soldier movie, we are on course for another intense Cap movie. I have to say I have zero concerns for this movie. Inspired by the actual comic book, this will be loosely based on that conflict between superheroes for or against the superhero registration act. But this is more to this than just that, this also about Captain America and Falcon finding and helping Cap's friend Bucky Barnes "The Winter Soldier". This is almost an Avengers movie, but this is centralized around Captain America. Why I made this the number one trailer is multiple reasons. First off, the directors of Captain America The Winter Soldier, The Russo Bros, is directing this movie. They gave the hardest edge Marvel movie they have in the MCU. They don't appear to be playing games in this sequel either.

Another reason is that Tony Stark Iron Man is in a solo movie that is not his own. Not to mention, this may Tony at his most serious of any Marvel movie. I don't know if you notice, there wasn't a single joke he made throughout the entire trailer, nothing. This is good, because I think we really need to see this from him.

How about this, almost all of the Avengers and newly the Black Panther is also in this movie. And from the short shots they showed us, he looks phenomenal! My final two points why is a combination reason. They didn't show us much, and that's great! Less is more in this case, especially the fact that they....didn't show us...... this guy!

The most anticipated character of the whole movie and MCU is not seen in the trailer. People may have speculated he was there somewhere in the trailer, but we know that's B.S. I think internet would have broke if they did show him, but patience is a great thing, and he will be seen in a trailer, but just not yet.

Well, what do you think of my trailer ranking? Hopefully there won't be a dozen more trailers to follow.


What was your favorite trailer?


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