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I got the new, rebooted The Fantastic Four on DVD today. I watched it, as i always do on the day of marvel movie DVD release dates, and I feel basically the asme way as I did when I saw it in theaters. As far as Marvel movies go, I'd probably give the movie a 7 at best, and as a regular movie, probably a 5 or 6, which is disappointing considering how promising I found the trailers to be.

When I watched the movie, I really began to form bigger opinions about the movie's strengths and problems, and I began to think about what could have made the movie better, and here they are.

1. The Villain: Now, I love Dr. Doom as a marvel villain, but I felt that the new movie's Doom could have been improved. Maybe it's just me, but I felt like they didn't show enough of the creep Victor as they should have. Granted, he did stare at Sue quite a lot, and have some very awkward and not obviously hostile conversations with Reed, but I steel feel like he could have been presented as a little more of a, well, psychopath. Maybe one big emotional breakdown alone in his room about Sue would have done it. Or maybe a scene where he truly showed his disliking of Reed.

2. Ben's Exclusion: With the exception of the first fifteen minutes of Reed and Ben becoming friends, the first half of the movie didn't include much of Ben Grimm. This kind of upsets me, because Ben is supposed to be possibly the second most important character in the Fantastic Four story. I'm not saying that Ben should have been there building the inter dimensional portal with Reed and the others, but maybe a phone call or two, or maybe a scene of Ben at his house.

3. The Aftermath: After Sue, Ben, and Johnny get their powers and agree to work for the government, I honestly got a little bored. I was hoping to actually see Ben in action, and was disappointed to see only short videos of Ben in the field. Sue and Johnny were obviously on opposing sides when it came to what to do with their powers. I was hoping to see a big argument that would leave one of them emotionally hurt by the other, but no, just one minute of arguing with not one of them raising their voice.

4. The Final Battle: Honestly, I was hoping that the final battle would be awesome, especially because of the trailers. If, I am correct, the I think that the final battle lasted maybe fifteen minutes at most. I think that it could have been improved by showing the four new superheroes taking Doom on all at once, instead of one at a time and only for about ten or fifteen seconds. I would have really liked to have seen Reed and Ben partner up for some kind of combo moves. And I was really looking forward to seeing Sue and Johnny teaming up in flight.

5. The Seriousness: As I was watching the movie, I was very disappointed at the lack of serious conversations. Specifically between Sue and Johnny after they gain their powers, and when ben confronts Reed for the first tine after receiving his new powers. The should have been long and emotional conversation after Ben confronts Reed was rather short and boring.

6. Too Short and Stuff Left Out: The trailer showed us a lot of great stuff that was left out of the final movie, like Reed speaking to Victor after he returns from Planet Zero, and Sue flying during the final battle. I think that these two things specifically would have made the movie even a little bit better. The movie ended up only being 100 minutes, or 1 hour and 40 minutes, which is short for most recent marvel movies. Most marvel movies border 2 hours or are over 2 hours. This is what might have fixed the Fantastic 4. A few more minutes here and there of characters talking, characters showing their true personalities, and better action sequences.

All in all, I thought that the new fantastic Four movie was okay, and left much to be desired. I am questioning whether or not it would be worth a sequel.


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