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I find found footage films (see what I did there?) to have an incredibly raw and realistic feeling, which only intensifies the chills. It's as if I am actually living the story!

Blumhouse knows just how to affect and audience by means of found footage films (Paranormal Activity, The Gallows, The Bay, and Creep anyone?)

Now this incredible team is bringing the horror to your television screen with a show called 8 Years Lost, a murder mystery crime drama that mimics real life.

8 Years Lost tells the haunting story of Jayna Beckner, a teenage girl who went missing in 2007 and whose body is discovered eight years later. When we learn these remains were just a few weeks old the mystery deepens– Where has Jayna been all this time? And why was she killed now?

Husband and wife Lauren MacKenzie and Andrew Gettens are set to write the harrowing series.
Lauren MacKenzie and Andrew Gettens
Lauren MacKenzie and Andrew Gettens

I know Blumhouse always puts forth incredibly spooky productions, so I know this show is going to scare the living daylights out of me for sure.

As a horror fan, there is nothing better than getting a good set of chills down one's back from an intense crime investigation.

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