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Star Wars is on everyone's mind this week and I thought it would be interesting to see why the Empire was destined to lose. Here are my top 5 reasons why.

Reason 1:

We'll start simple. The Stormtrooper, much like the foot clan from the ninja turtles or the morons working for every Bond villain ever, die with one shot of a blaster. Why wear the armor if it doesn't work?

Reason 2:

The Stormtroopers are terrible at shooting anyone. Someone can be fifty feet away with twenty tries to hit him or her but fail miserably every time, from what I can tell it’s the helmets they wear. Even Luke says it in A New Hope, it’s impossible to see in the helmet which causes the rebels to be more superior on the battlefield. I guess looking good in a uniform is more important than seeing what you're shooting at.

Reason 3:

The Empire's main vehicle on land have legs. The Imperial Walkers and AT-ST’s all have legs. Why would you have a vehicle that can be defeated by something as simple as being tripped, which the Rebellion quickly figured out in The Empire Strikes Back. If the Rebels had a big broom stick for every vehicle they had there would be no ground battles.

Reason 4:

Lets take a look at the tie fighter. Check out the picture below! See anything wrong?

Don't see anything wrong? How about the side view image of the tie fighter below?

Does anything stick out to you that would be classified as a flawed? We can’t see the pilot. Why would the Empire design a ship where you can only see whats in front of you and can’t see anything else. Reminds me of a horse with blinders.

Check out the X-Wing, they have a 180 degree view and a robot to help them with repairs and see whats behind them.

So it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that the Empire lost every space battle in the original trilogy.

Reason 5:

This is probably the biggest problem the Empire had. The Death Star had an exhaust port that a torpedo could fit into which went all the way to the core of the ship causing it to explode. A bit of a design flaw which they fixed in Return of the Jedi by making the port big enough to fit a ship into. Morons!

Well those are my top 5 reasons why the Empire was destined to loose. What did you think, comment below and let me know.


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