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DC Comics Civil War: How would It Go?

With the highly anticipation of the upcoming '[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)' movie us DC fans would like to know what would happen if DC were in such a similar situation. If the Superhuman-Registration Act was faced in the DCU and which hero would side with who? So today I will be running my close approximation of each DC hero (and possibly villain) to see who side with the government. With that let's get going. (Note...this my first article)


Wonder Woman-She stands for what is right and would without a doubt be on this side of the argument. Now I know what your thinking, wouldn't this upset the gods as her orders belong to them? Maybe but she kind of has all her info public already even has government friends. Another reason is she does what she thinks is right not legal. In this case she's the public face of registration.

The Flash-As Barry Allen is a police forensics scientist is also known for following the rules when needed and even worked with government officials from time to time as a fellow friend on this site pointed out. He can be pretty cocky and selfish and would most likely wind up here.

Green Lantern (John Stewart)-Being a former marine John would likely side with the government and with an interesting plot-twist it would drive a major split between him, his fellow Lanterns, and the Guardians. They wouldn't want him involved but that didn't stop him from siding with the government in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (the comic only not the animated movie). So as far as I'm concerned he's here.

Cyborg-Since being part man part machine Victor Stone was hated by society and would probably go the same route as his Flashpoint counterpart. Think about it if he signed on as member of this faction he would be accepted into society more than ever.

Hawkman-Like Stewart he also helped the government out in Public Enemies. He would likely serve as one of Diana's bodyguards also he's no stranger at following orders so he's here.

Captain Atom-I really don't think I need to explain this one.

The Suicide Squad-They would be the villains recruited by the government to help in the capturing of the Anti-Registration heroes and would easily side here considering they work for the government already.

Lex Luthor-This is another easy prediction as Lex would use the war to his advantage in the hopes of getting to defeat Superman and the rest of the Justice League. He'll probably even build weapons of mass destruction to "help" with the war.

Booster Gold-He would want to join for fame and publicity but then realize his mistake and defect to the Anti forces side so yeah.

Mr Terrific-As it says in this picture MT is one of the smartest men in the world and respects Captain Atom like in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon with that I'm pretty sure he would serve as our Mr Fantastic for this story.


Superman-Most people say that Clark would side with registration but to be perfectly honest I don't see that happening at all. He has opposed authority on more than one occasion and refuses to work for the government whenever villains like Lex Luthor are involved. He doesn't trust them with his secret and wants to keep his family safe. And finally he stands for truth, justice, and the American way. That sounds more like Captain America right?

Batman-Like Captain Atom I don't I really need to explain this one. I will however say that Batman would go wherever Supes goes in a situation like this so Anti.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan): Because he's an Air Force pilot and due to friendship with John Stewart you'd figure he would go pro but he really shows his allegiance to the Anti forces as he would have solo fights with Stewart throughout that would develop their relationship even more so he lands here.

Aquaman-As the king of Atlantis he would protect his people and make sure they would not get in the hands of the U.S. government.

Martian Manhunter-This one is nearly as easy as Batman and Captain Atom, he respects Batman and Superman and would fear that such a law like the Registration Act would endanger another world he loves. So with his shape shifting powers he can go undercover and work for the other side from the inside (oh god rhyme).

Constantine-Another prediction just as easy as the last one as John knows how dangerous it can be as the governments won't have any ideas on how to defeat the forces of hell.

Black Canary-She always showed her alliance to Superman except for the Injustice game so its not hard to put her here.

The Atom-He's essentially the Ant Man of the DC Universe but he's not a government player. He would go here out of fear that it will ruin his career as a hero and scientist.

Well that's all I got for now but in the comments section below tell me whom you believe Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Zatanna, Firestorm, Nightwing, Robin and the Green Hornet and Kado would side with. And I'm out for now!


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