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Since, the release of Chapter 6. All the Dragon Ball fans have been waiting eagerly for chapter 7. Who could be the mystery fighter? What type of fighters will champas team have were all the fans could think of!

Finally, we have chapter 7 at hand. Though, the English translation is not yet available. But, these Dragon Ball Super pictures are enough for us at the moment.

What we knew from chapter 6 about the fighter was.He is Stronger than Goku and the toughest beerus has ever faced. ( excluding Whis)

Well, knowing the 2 points we the fans imagined the fighter to be extremely muscular and stuff. Broly,Bardock,Trunks and what not were the assumptions. But, Akira Toriyama had a big surprised planned and we have a very small sized red weirdo with nipples. . I don’t know about you! But, it totally got my interest! Looks like he will have rage issues and transformations most probably! I am absolutely curious to find out more.

Check out the Universe 6 fighters.. New and refreshing. Well, at the absolute bottom right we can see a gigantic robot. It has the classic Dragon Ball style of robot designing! I am not quite sure what to expect though. Besides him is this yellow bear looking guy. Who looks serious and not so serious at the same time? I am a bit confused about this one honestly! Let’s see what they do with him.

in the middle we have someone fans will be interested about! This one’s surely from Frieza’s race. And from the looks it appears to me that he trained and I bet he will be quite powerful. We all know about the dormant potential of Freeza’s race right? So I have high power level expectations. ( Learn why Frieza's race has the highest potential in DB universe- )

Beside him is the Saiyan from universe 6. Fans had assumptions like Broly,Trunks,Bardock and so on. But, what we have here looks similar to the younger version of Gohan. He is mini, the eyes are bit different indicating some kind of confidence and arrogance. ( Check out the assumption I made earlier- )

At the bottom right we have this cool looking guy. Who is most probably the leader of the team?

And to me looks like the real deal! Seriously, he has the fan favorite type look. Face has similarity with cooler!

Some character designing resembling that of piccolo and cell.



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