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Sometimes to truly become courageous we must face our fears with a tall stance, even a loud roar; for our young dinosaur Arlo, the long journey and obstacle he has to overcome was definitely not the easiest one at all.

I decided to go watch "The Good Dinosaur" and I was left speechless by what the Disney Animation Studio had to offer from this film. Honestly, Disney truly fooled me into believing that based on this movie poster:

This movie would concern the endangerment of dinosaurs', cavemen slowly taking over and wandering the earth but that definitely was not the case. This film was definitely something more and truly made its' mark upon my mind and heart.

Within every story that is created, the main key point is to send your "hero" or "main protagonist" on a quest for self knowledge and/or self discovery; whichever one you feel is better to comment with. Within that quest, our hero assumes that the quest or task he has been given is the real mission but we know for certain that this is never the case.

For Little Arlo, the adventure of finding his way home, with the help of his little cave boy Spot, and doing good is certainly not one quest that you, the audience, should take lightly. I was practically on the edge of my seat through every step of his journey in full concern for his well-being with every obstacle he faced. Like every developing character, they will stumble and fall, feel guilty or angry or come to a self realization and become something of themselves; yet, like every Disney film has ever shown us, there will always be a time where a small twist, a small climax or loss is necessary for the character to continue on within the story line at hand.

All I can truly say is that if the line "Long Live The King" followed by Mufasa's death viewed by a young Simba followed by a vocal heart wrenching call for his father did not strike you, I guarantee that this film will cause your shirt to become a tissue to wipe away your tears. I wish I could've spared mine!

The character's development along the way with his interaction's to other characters and changing environments was realistic in a sense of connecting with the audience. As we grow up and continue on our journey's to make something of ourselves, our environment will change and the people we meet will come, go and differ as they further shape our path and we slowly grow into tall, confident individuals with stories of our past adventures to remind us of how far we've come.

Your eyes will truly enjoy the graphic scenery design, it truly will have you believing that they used actual outdoor footage to create the film! Throughout the movie, I was under the assumption that they had gone out and recorded actual footage of some of the scenery from how realistic it truly looked but that just goes to show you how advanced the era of animation technology has progressed.

Yet, the reason I cannot give it a full 10 is simply because I had a hard time keeping up with the fast movement at times, there was just so much going on within a scene or two that the flow was disrupted every so often but it's understandable since we're dealing with a huge Dinosaur whom is, in comparison, trying to do the actions that both smaller animals and humans can do with ease. Which kind of implements some humor here and there, yet it was highly welcomed; although, I wish they could've re-implemented the characters that had come and gone that helped our little dinosaur along the way towards the end of the film but one can only fit so much into a two hour film.

I'm not kidding, our film started at 6:15 with a very cute yet internally action packed short animation based on a true story in regards to a small child from India whom discover whom his true hero's are; our film concluded at 8:10. Two films for the price of one is really a great style that Disney and Pixar always implement to give their audience two wonderful pieces worth watching.

Moreover, I highly recommend this film to many audiences since the flow of the story and the plot itself is truly something that cannot be forgotten; so I want you go to watch it and let me know how it truly earned its mark upon your heart.


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