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*Warning: May contain spoilers for season finale of "Jessica Jones"*

If any of you are like me and became hooked onto Marvel's Netflix series of Jessica Jones then you can understand me when I say that Kilgrave (David Tennant) is a different type of villain in the Marvel Universe.

For anybody that has seen the hit Netflix series then we can come to an understanding that the one enticing thing about Kilgrave's character is that he cannot have one thing: Jessica Jones (Kristen Ritter), herself. From the first episode of the show, we see Kilgrave use his super persuasive powers to get as close as he can to her before things turn sour for him as she constantly walks away from him. With his superpowers, no one has ever been able to say no to him until Jessica came into his life. As she began to refuse his persuasive ways, Kilgrave went on an obsessive rampage to claim her as his once again.

From the finale of season 1, we can all see that the game of cat and mouse finally ended Jessica simply snapped his neck. But now that leaves us to think, why is Kilgrave is such a different villain? To start off, he simply doesn't want to take over the world or any world for that matter. Kilgrave simply has a different ambition than most supervillains in the Marvel Universe. He just wants to have Jessica Jones back under his full control. He doesn't want to rule the world or have the power of the entire universe in his hands.

Jessica Jones star David Tennant says in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

"Yes, he's not really interested in the usual. His objectives aren't taking over Asgard or becoming the leader of the free world. It's a different type of supervillain in that sense. He doesn't have the ambition they often have. It's his own worldview he's interested in bettering and not much else."

Now that Kilgrave is dead by the hands of Jessica Jones, it's interesting to see how his character will have an affect on Jessica. Maybe it's a bit weird that many people are siding with him because how his past or it's his good looks (I mean, it's David Tennant; I'll side with him any day.)

Although, Kilgrave has done some brutal things to anyone that encounters him but we're all human, right? So we can all feel some sympathy towards him. We're asked to forgive him for his actions but to just simply understand those actions. Since Kilgrave isn't out to conquer the world or anything, I feel that it is much easier to empathize with him from understanding his past and how he came to be but the same goes for Jessica. We see her do some brutal things as well, but we can sympathize with her simply cause there's an understanding how why Jessica does what she does.

Tennant says that there is no gray area between the characters on the show, that no one is binary because these are very much real humans and they are treated as real humans. So we can see that Kilgrave was simply human, a man who uses his super persuasive powers to gain control of everyone to better his own worldview. But Kilgrave, like many of the other characters on Jessica Jones, are simply humans that are going through some terrible and troubling times in their lives.


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