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Superheroes?! For me it was always the most awesome thing in the universe. Of course, while I do client work it's hard to get inspired by comic books. Even though I try to find some time to redraw batman or design my own superhero that kicks ass!

My workflow focuses mainly on sketching a design on paper and making it work in Adobe Illustrator.

On the design process I tried to morph superman into something more supervillain alike. Deadpool seemed to be a nice opposite character.

Basing on a drawing that I developed in my sketchbook I started to colorize it in my mind and then applying the shapes directly in Illlustrator. Whole process was quick and enjoyable.

Adobe Illustrator, as a greatest tool for vector drawing allows me to quickly draw outlines using pen tool and apply this special comic-like style for every presonal project that I make.

When you want to make your character really stand out of a behance crowd, his pose must be interesting and dynamic. That's why my Superdeadpool is almost flying out of canvas!

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