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With the Star Wars sequel trilogy officially starting this week, some people are curious to see how much the prequel trilogy will be tied in. On one hand, we are sure that Disney will try to avoid a lot of the elements from the prequels based on the fans' reactions to the trilogy. On the other hand, are the prequels really something that can be ignored? They are, after all, still canon to the Star Wars universe and there were some elements of the prequels that were a pretty big part of the universe.

One such element that played a major role in the Star Wars universe is Coruscant - the planet that is one enormous city. Coruscant is more than just a city, however - it served as the capital of the galaxy during the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy, as revealed in the special edition of Return of the Jedi. My question is, will we see Coruscant return in the new trilogy?

Coruscant's history

During the prequel trilogy, we frequently saw this planet - especially during Revenge of the Sith as this is where a good portion of the movie took place. It served as the center of the galaxy, working as the political center and the cultural center, in addition to presumably being a large tourist attraction. The planet also held a large portion of the galaxy's population as the streets and skies were packed. Even though the city was the size of the planet, people still didn't have much leg room. As one can see, this planet played a pretty big role.

After the Empire took over, Coruscant was renamed to the Imperial Center, serving as the main source of power to Palpatine's Empire. According to the novel Tarkin, which is officially considered Star Wars canon, the Emperor resided in the former Jedi Temple region, which was renamed to the Federal District. This was the heart of the Empire and was certainly untouchable to the rebels as it seemed no one dared to go near it. Even the Death Star itself appeared more vulnerable than the Imperial Center, and that is saying something.

Where we last saw Coruscant

During the special edition of Return of the Jedi, we received our only look at Coruscant (a.k.a. the Imperial Center) during the course of the Original Trilogy. This scene takes place after the fall of the Empire and shows the people of Coruscant taking over by warding off the remaining Stormtroopers while toppling down the statues of Palpatine and setting off fireworks.

From the looks of it, the planet remained in good shape since last we saw it in Revenge of the Sith. On top of that, the planet apparently did not take much damage when the people overthrew the Empire there either due to the lack of destruction when we witnessed the last of the Stormtroopers being attacked. It is safe to assume that Coruscant remained intact by the ending of Return of the Jedi.

Below is the closing scene from Return of the Jedi special edition, featuring looks at the other planets after the fall of the Empire, including the brief scene from Coruscant.

What will happen to Coruscant from here?

The real question is, what happened to the planet after the rebellion defeated the Empire? Did the new government leaders replacing the Empire go to Coruscant and continue using it as the galactic capital, or was the planet left behind politically to serve only as a large city and tourist attraction?

Though it would make sense to continue using Coruscant as the capital as it was always the political center of the galaxy, I would get why some would want to avoid the planet politically to avoid repeating the actions of the Empire or to avoid looking like the Empire altogether. It can go either way on this scale, but either way, it's presence should not be ignored.

Though we probably won't see Coruscant as a political center in the new trilogy, I as a fan would at least like to see it at some point. I get avoiding the prequel trilogy to keep a good reputation, but the prequels are still canon, therefore Coruscant is still canonically a big part of the Star Wars Universe. I hope we get at least a glimpse of the planet during the sequel trilogy, whether it be a mention of its existence or a legitimate look at the planet.

I'm genuinely curious about what happened to the galaxy's former political center, and I'm sure many other Star Wars fans are too, whether they liked the prequels or not. Did it keep its political power? Does it remain a widely inhabited city? Was it destroyed and wrecked after Return of the Jedi? I want to know these things! Don't you?

What do you think happened to Coruscant? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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