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Everyone loves a great hero and a great villain right? Of course! But they're not alone, everyone has to have a great sidekick, sometimes they even outshine the main characters! If you have a hard time ranking them yourself maybe this list of the top 20 Disney sidekicks will help you clean up your list!

20. Carl

Yes Meet the Robinsons is a Disney movie. One people don't often seem to remember. But one thing about this movie is the big variety of characters! Carl, the robot invented by Wilbur's dad being one of them! He's not the only robot on this list, but he's the first. He's loyal and helpful, even when there's a huge chance of everything falling apart.

19. Pascal

We've got a sidekick without voice it seems. But that is no matter. Pascal is cute, he's pocket sized and he's got attitude. He's a loyal friend to Rapunzel and is always watching her back! In the end he even kills Mother Gothel! Making her trip out a window counts as killing, don't mess with this little guy.

18. Olaf

Yes I know there will be mixed reactions here. "He should be higher!" or "He shouldn't be on this list!" Just listen for a second. Olaf isn't that bad first off, he helps save Anna from certain death, he's loyal and very cheerful throughout it all! He may not be as popular/great as a lot of these other guys, but he is still a good sidekick to have around, like him or not.

17. Flounder

Yes Flounder, one of the sidekicks of the Disney Renaissance. Some of the most well known movies and characters are from this era of Disney movies. What makes Flounder special is that even though he could be a bit of a scaredy cat, he's still be Ariel's side the whole time! He's cute and caring and a good fish to have at your side. It's just too bad he couldn't sprout legs and be by Ariel's side the whole time on dry land too.

16. Baloo

I know what's in your head now, you're probably humming it to yourself right now as I speak... type. Everyone knows Baloo, and everyone knows his song. He's as good a friend as one could hope to have! He's loyal and protective and all around helpful to well anyone he's friends with really!

15. Jaq and Gus

Everyone knows Cinderella and everyone knows all her little animal friends. But the ones people know the most, that's Jaq and Gus! They're little heros for Cinderella, without them she would never have made it in time to prove she was the girl at the ball. They're super loyal and quite brave for little mice! I'm sure anyone would love to have them at their side.

14. Gargoyles

Even more loyal sidekicks here from the Disney Renaissance. This time three of them! The gargoyles together provide friends to Quasimodo who aside from Frollo (who probably shouldn't count as human contact because I swear he's not human) has no contact with anyone of the outside world. They're the closest thing he's got to anyone he can talk to or call friends. They help him and provide the wisdom they can to help him when he needs it most.

13. Timothy Q. Mouse

Very similar to number 13, Timothy is that friend everyone wants. He's there to cheer you up when you feel like a nobody. He points out the good in Dumbo when it seems so hard to find. He's loyal and kind and a friend you could always count on being there to make you smile again when you don't feel like you can.

12. Jiminy Cricket

You can't leave this guy off a list of sidekicks. The voice of reason, the conscience of Pinocchio! He's a caring and loyal pal once again like the others mentioned before him (don't count the time he left Pinocchio as not loyal though). He's there to help and to bring wise words when he's able to.

11. Baymax

Yes I know it's hard to understand, but Baymax is not the main character of Big Hero 6. He's the super caring and lovable (also very cuddly) nurse robot made by Tadashi. He's there to care for everyone in need of it. And besides who doesn't want a Baymax of their own?!

10. Lumiér and Cogsworth

They may seem a bit like complete opposites to each other, but they work wonderful together as sidekicks. They're there to help both Beast and Belle. They do whatever they think is best even when they don't really agree on the choice that is made. They put up quite a good fight too!


A very very loyal friend to Pooh. He's a bit shy and nervous a lot of the time, but he does his best and is always there for his best friend. He's cute and lovable and a perfect friend to have with you on your adventures through the Hundred Acre Woods.

8. Terk and Tantor

You can't quite separate these two for a list, they've just got to be together. They stick together and they stick by Tarzan too! They're a little nuts, but aren't all the best of friends? They're the best characters to keep Tarzan company as he grows up and beyond that.

7. Louis

From another one of the Disney movies that seems to be forgotten or set aside. Louis isn't exactly brave, but he's certainly loyal and very lovable. I mean without Louis, Tiana wouldn't have gotten her restaurant in time (since someone else was going to buy it instead at first)! Not to mention he's very talented with that trumpet of his!

6. Kronk

Yes he is a villain sidekick, but a sidekick nonetheless. And I'm pretty sure he'd be just as loyal of a good guy sidekick as well. He doesn't even come across as evil! He's silly and goofy and all around way too nice to really want to hurt anyone. He does his best to do as he's told, as long as it's the conclusion his shoulder angels come to.

5. Tinkerbell

Yeah, she may be a little brat at times. But aren't we all sometimes. She's still always there for Peter, even going to save his life when Hook tries to kill him! She may not like always showing how much she cares, but she does certainly care nonetheless. She's got a soft spot in that little fairy heart of hers.

4. Abu

Yes Abu, he may be a little greedy (as shown above of course), but he is certainly always there for Aladdin! He even goes to help free Aladdin from jail once he's captured! This monkey has charm, loyalty and all in all who wouldn't want a monkey as their best friend/sidekick?!

3. Mushu

Any Disney fan finds every chance they can to quote this lizard... I mean dragon. He's there for Mulan even when everything goes wrong. He provides the perfect comic relief and advice for her too! He's one of the most memorable of the sidekicks for sure!

2. Timon and Pumbaa

Here we go! Top 2! And of course I didn't forget this pair of friends! Everyone knows them! They're such good sidekicks they got their own movie! And TV show! Not to mention their motto is also the catchiest song out there. They're caring and loyal to Simba and to each other. They know how to relax and just have fun, but when it comes down to it they're there to help their friend fight! Anyone would love to have them as friends for sure!

1. Genie

Nobody can forget about this big guy! The movie might as well have been called Genie! He steals the show! Nobody could ask for a better and more loyal and helpful friend to stick with them. He's got everything, he's funny, he's kind, he's lovable, he's hugable, he's loyal, he's smart, he's clever, he's witty! You've never had a friend like him! Genie doesn't just help if Aladdin wishes for help, he's helped in many ways without a wish being spoken. Even in the movies after, he's still there to help, when he was freed and everything! He doesn't need anything in return, he's just there for his friends who need him most. You can't top Genie, not in any way.


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