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Growing up as little girl, some of them often dream of achieving goals such as having a successful career, becoming a fantastic mom among other things, but in reality the number one thing that they have in mind (most of the time) is meeting "the one" and walking down the aisle on that special day. But sometimes life throws unexpected surprises at us and what happens when that day never comes? Either you move on with your life or stay stuck in some never ending cycle of self destruction or take revenge in your own ghostly hands and haunt these places for eternity.

1. The Headless Bride Of Yellow Stone Park

Back in the days, if you were wealthy and came from a prominent family, you were supposed to be married to a gentleman of your same social status. There was a bride who we will call "Emma". She was a rebel at heart, even though she came from a prosperous and powerful shipping family, she refused to marry the man that was appointed by her parents. Instead, she decided to marry a servant who we will call "Ralph". Together they decided to get married despite her parents disagreement and in regards of her parents wishes, which had warned her about Ralph's intentions and how he in reality wanted to be with her for her money and to climb the social ladder.

Being a stubborn young woman, she thought her parents were doing this out of spite, since she had not married the man they initially wanted for her as her husband. To avoid scandals and rumors, her father decided to give them both a lump sum of money after the wedding, to go away as far as New York as possible and never be seen or heard from them again. She thought this decision was for the best and accepted the offer without a problem. Unfortunately by the time the newlyweds arrived to the old faithful Inn in Yellowstone, her new husband had gambled away all their money. There was just a little left, enough to pay up the rest of their honeymoon, but not enough for them to build or buy a house or even to eat.

Emma was upset with her new husband and they both fought about the situation thru out the honeymoon. Soon realizing her parents were right. He only wanted to be with her because of her money and not because he truly loved her. Emma was devastated to finally find out the truth, but still they needed money to survive, and of course to pay the rent at least where they were staying. Thinking she could explain the situation, she decided to swallow her pride and phone her father to ask him for more money, which he utterly refused.

That night, the couple fought yet again like never before, Ralph storming out of the room, left the bride alone and locked up at the inn. When Emma didn't come out of her room in days, and there was no sign of Ralph anywhere around. The staff at the inn decided to check on the poor bride. Only to be found by the housekeeper after an awful smell emerged from the bathroom, where she lied in a pool of blood, with her head gone. Only her stump and cold body left behind to rot. There was no sign of her head anywhere in the room. When the authorities showed up to locate the murderer, the never found anyone and Ralph was never apprehended. The whole thing was covered up to avoid scandals by her parents so her murderer was never found. Days later, up in "The Crow's Nest" where musicians often played, the severed head of the bride was finally found. Her blond curls stained of dried blood, her wide eyes filled with fear and her face showing a twisted grin. Now, people who happen to stay at the inn, still report appearances of a headless woman glowing in white, with her head tucked under her arm.

2. La "Pascualita" the Beautiful Bride of Chihuahua

At the corner of Victoria and Ocampo in Chihuahua, Mexico sits a famous bridal boutique name "La Nacional" . Aside from having everything available for the bride to be, you cannot miss the main attraction at the shop's window display. There, stands a beautiful mannequin wearing a bridal gown in all of it's glory. Except, she's like no other. At first glance "La Pascualita" seems to notice you, and you suddenly start to get a feeling, like her eyes are following you around like an old painting. But if she happens to smile at you, then you are one of the lucky one's that have had the pleasure to witness a smile from her. Story goes that on a typical day back in the 1930s owner Pascualita Esparza, brought the mannequin from Paris to her shop.

As soon as she went onto display, she immediately started to draw attention from the people in town. Initially named "Chonita" people started to call her "La Pascualita" thanks to the resemblance she had with her owner, and the name stuck ever since. Some time after her arrival, small things started to happen. People claimed that she would follow them with her sight. While others claimed that the mannequin had actually smiled at them. It wasn't until after her owner's death in 1967, that strange occurrences started to happen and things got even worse. Several employees of the shop had to suddenly quit, since they've claimed that every time they will change her gown, they will see small little red veins popping from her eyes and also from her legs, like if she were alive. Others have stated that they have seen her climb down from her pedestal, and actually walk around the store at night.

Thru the years, many others speculate, that she's actually the preserved embalmed corpse of the owners daughter, whom passed away the day of her wedding day, tragically bitten by a black widow spider or a scorpion. With realistic looking features most people walk away convinced that she has to be real. While others think, that it has been a marketing campaign to gain publicity thru the years. True or not, it's without a doubt an extraordinary and creepy story.

3. The Ghost Bride of Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls State Park near Corbin, Kentucky is home to some of the beautiful waterfalls and walking trails up in the mountains the nation has to offer. But it is also home to the famous "Cumberland Bride". She has been appearing in the park since the late 1950s. There's even an area named in her honor known as Lover's Leap. Story says that, a young couple who had married that same day, came to the falls to celebrate their honeymoon. Excited about the happy day, the couple decided to go for a walk. Her newlywed husband wanted to take pictures of the breath taking views, as well as his blushing new bride.

The bride decided she wanted a picture with her long and beautiful dress and wanted the falls as her back scenery. Climbing near a hill close to the edge of the cliff, dancing and excited about her new found marriage, that sadly came to an end, when she lost her balance and slipped off the edge, landing below and hitting herself in the head, while her limped body drowned away. Ever since her death, people have reported seeing a young woman in a white wedding dress at the top of the cliff. She manifests more on a day called " The night of the moonbow". The moonbow is a rainbow produced by light reflected off the surface of the moon. Cumberland is the only place in North America where a moonbow can predictably be seen. At the same time, her figure can be seen dressed in her white gown rising up out of the waters when this happens.

4. The Vengeful Bride

Certain tale tells the story of a young and highly attractive woman. As much as she was beautiful, she was kind and loving at heart. She was courted by many gentleman out there, but she was not prepared to be in a relationship, until she found her one true love. Several years past and still to her luck she had not found him, yet she still kept herself young beyond her years. One day, as she was taking an afternoon walk, she stumbled upon a strange man, and they instantly fell in love with each other. A few months passed by and the news broke about their engagement and the whole town was invited. Some people went as far as to warn her not to marry the stranger, since he was an out of towner and no one really knew much about him, not even herself. But she didn't care and she proceeded with her formal.

The big day finally arrived and the beautiful bride centered at the altar, waited for her love to anxiously arrive. 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes passed by like clockwork, and still, no sign of her fiancé. Finally, after a few hours of waiting and with her her heart broken, she left the church, and locked herself up in her home. The following day, people claimed to have heard her crying and shouting loudly, that she vowed revenge against her fiancee for leaving her without a reason. They found her a few hours later, with a knife in her chest among many cuts to her beautiful face and holding a crucifix.

Word got around that they saw her so called fiancee in a neighboring town at a local bar with several women. Claiming proudly to have "had" the woman that no one was able to before and had left her at the altar, since he wanted no commitment. Soon after that, a few days later, people claimed that they found him right outside the same church he were to be married, with a knife thru his heart and a wedding ring on his finger.. the same ring she was buried with. Did the bride come back to exact her revenge? Or was it pure coincidence?

5. The Bloody Bride of 13 Curves Road

13 Curves Road is widely known due to the tragedies that has build up thru out the years, specially those of recently married couples who have met their demise while on it. There's many "stories" of lovers who have lost their lives while driving thru the treacherous road, but one in particular stands out above the rest. Yet again on a dark and gloomy night, a couple was driving thru Cedarvale Road (which is a part of 13 curves) while discussing their plans for their future. Suddenly, the groom lost control of the vehicle and started to spin out of control and ended up in a creek. Killing them both instantly.

Ever since the night of the tragedy, people have reported seeing a ghostly bride with glowing eyes, sometimes with her dress covered in blood, while others have witnessed her apparition with a bright orange lantern wondering aimlessly all alone. At times, she's seen just standing there, sometimes at the hills of the road. And in other cases, there's been witnesses that claim that she actually "leaps" towards the cars passing by, making them loose control and crash. There's several variations and counts of this story, but at the end, it seems like the bride is still looking for her long lost love.

Do you think these lovers will re-unite in the afterlife? Or are they simply destined to be apart for the rest of eternity? Have a ghostly encounter to tell me? or maybe you have your own bridal ghost story to share with us. Feel free to do so in the comment section below. In the meantime don't forget to FOLLOW ME!! For more scary and creepy content until then... Sweet Screams!

P.S I wanted to dedicate this article to my brother in law Charles Olvera III and his wife to be Kimberly Wood Renfro and congratulate them on their upcoming nuptials. May your love be everlasting, faith, honesty and love till the end.

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