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I love peanut butter, but whats better than peanut butter? thats right... Cake! Now lets talk about movies.
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Yes i'm going to talk about the controversy known as horror films. What drives a horror film? Blood and gore? Sex? Jump scares? Hell no!!! Today, as well as since 2000, horror films have changed from major blockbusters to be the best horror movies like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and, Poltergeist to Indie films such as The Babadook, which was considered to be the best horror film of 2014 or Best film of 2014. So think of a blockbuster horror film (that was in theaters) that got a 9/10 in ratings. Insidious maybe? I asked over 100 people and 90% of the films that were mentioned were indie films.

Lets think about the best films in the horror genre. One that comes to mind is reboot/remake of Evil Dead. Evil Dead was one of the best films in the last 12 years. Not only did it keep the over dramatic, over gore, over disgusting and bloody Evil Dead style. It brought a new story, that not only sucked me in, IT MADE SENSE!!!! I'm not making this post to tell you about movies, i'm here to tell you what the hell is wrong with them. This year is reboot central, and if it's not a reboot its a remake and if its not a remake, then its a copied script with some tweaks and changes to make it look like a new original story.

So you are telling me, Steven King can produce dozens of movies all different stories and no copies or similarities, but regular producers can't go 20+ years to do a damn reboot/ remake of a movie? No, no, no... Cash Cows. So listen companies do not want to put in the time for a great new story. Lets take Poltergeist(2015) for instance. I watched the trailer, excited as hell. Can't wait to watch this movie right? WRONG! The movie was basically an advertisement to realize the original was so much freggin better! Jump scares may sell theater tickets but you can watch the trailer and see the entire movie.

I have all ways been a horror guy. For the past 10 years, indie movies have dominated in ratings. What happened to Texas Chainsaw style, $700 budget, 10 cast and crew project having anything to do with being a good or bad movies. Lets me ask you this, Would you rather see a Reboot/ Remake Film with a 10 million dollar budget or would you rather watch a original story horror film with a $250,000 budget? If you chose the first choice, then you have no idea what film and art mean. In the 70's Horror films ran the film industry.

Even PG-13 Steven King movies ran the film industry. Slowly horror went so down hill with films like The Dentist (1996) or Leprechaun In The Hood (2000) or even the over hyped Oujia (2014)... Thats what we have? The best horror film from 2012 to 2015 that isn't a Reboot/ Remake and that didn't shell out a sequel or prequel was either Sinister (2012) or Mama (2013) and even Sinister had a sequel but it was so good i won't count it. Great films, but two amazing horror films over the past 4 years that were in theaters. 2... 2 damn movies. When "creative writers" can write, produce, and direct 20 films up for awards in the same damn genre!!! Are you serious? I am a future upcoming writer and i have never once taken a story from a horror movie. Trust me, there are more ways to scare people guys... be smart, and not lazy

Thank you for listening to me rant for a bit. I am currently working on two scripts right now and i am overwhelmed so it's been a long time since i posted anything on here. I'd like to shout out to Moviepilot for letting me say what i want to say on here and telling me that i am doing a great job, So thanks MP!!


What do you think about Horror now?


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