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Omg ! It's 1:16 a.m and I couldn't wait to share this with you ! Yes, the king of horror has yet done it again.

I know this is a ways to wait, January of 2017 to be infact, but I want to keep you in the know about movie/horror news.

So, word has it, is Sony pictures is on board with the filming of the first movie in the Dark Tower series, based on the gunslinger Dark Tower novels written by Stephen King.

The release of this film is rumoured to be January of 2017. I'm not sure of whom will be playing Roland ( the gunslinger ) I understand that one of the actors considered for the part was Matthew Mcconaughey. But I tend to believe he took another leading role, that of the man in black.

Here's a readers digest version of the first novel in the Dark Tower series :

Roland is the last gunslinger who is chasing a magician, only known by the man in black, across this dessert full of monsters and atrocities & demons. But wait there's more !

Roland runs into a psychotic preacher and her crazy followers, speaks to a manifested demon and befriends a boy named Jake.

The novels in the Dark Towers series are a must read for King fans. But this movie will be a must see !! This is one title you shouldn't miss out on.

So, I will keep you posted with the latest news about the first movie of the Dark Tower series, as soon I know, you'll know !


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