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Jennifer Lawrence mocked Lindsay Lohan's spells of "exhaustion" on the Late Show last night and implied that the flame-haired hedonist's spells of mysterious fatigue were the work of "drugs and alcohol" and, unfortunately for JLaw, Lilo was clearly tuned in.

When Stephen Colbert asked Lawrence about her history of throwing up more than a drunk in a whisky factory, the 25-year-old star explained how she works so damned hard her body tries to stop her with a serious case of the pukes before dropping the Lohan bomb in the video below (tune in at around 7 mins).

Clearly not a fan of being the constant butt of people's jokes, Lindsay Lohan decided to take the higher (or some might say, more pass-agg) road by slamming up the not so cryptic post below:

While Lilo chose to use a quote from the acclaimed author, poet, and civil rights activist, Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina decided her own carefully crafted words were a much better choice. Leaping to the defense of her daughter, she wrote:

Mamma Lohan also chose to speak out to Entertainment Tonight about the joke, she explained:

"It was all unfortunate that she used Lindsay as a reference of not showing up to set, and that whole bit. It was disappointing that she didn't have her peer's back. You shouldn't trash anyone, it was just surprising. My family sticks together."

While I obviously have sympathy for Lilo and her struggles with addiction, I'm really feeling for JLaw on this one. Not being able to make snide anecdotes using celebs because they are your "peers" must suck!

(Source: Perez Hilton and Cosmopolitan via Entertainment Tonight)


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