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An angry private Facebook group entitled 'The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe' has threatened to go on a mass online spoiler spree unless their demands about 'Star Wars Legends' (the brand formerly known as the 'Expanded Universe') are met.

The group is petitioning against Disney and Lucasfilm in an attempt to sway them to continue creating certain stories in 'Star Wars Legends,' the umbrella under which all the books, comics and other media based on Star Wars movies are based.

Star Wars Legends: The reason for all the threats
Star Wars Legends: The reason for all the threats

When the rebrand occurred last year, past stories which have been published for decades were stamped out in favor of promoting continuity for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and this rouge group is so desperate to get them back they have no problem ruining other Star Wars enthusiasts' entire year to do so.

The group's primary and only goal is to convince Disney and Lucasfilm to continue these past storylines with new Legends books, comics, and games -even if those stories are an alternate universe - and to raise awareness of the line so that it will become profitable and be able to continue giving fans their extended universe fix for years to come.

While this is clearly a goal that many Star Wars fans will understand and empathize with, the scare tactics the group is utilizing to blackmail others into joining their cause is unlikely to win them many allies.

Some of the threats have been screen capped
Some of the threats have been screen capped

The Alliance plans to spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens on as many social media platforms as possible including Star Wars fan groups and pages for popular TV shows such as The Walking Dead.

Although their group is private, some of their communications have been captured from other fan pages and revealed their underhanded intentions to outsiders. All we can hope for is that these are idle threats, but I can totally see some idiot being so enraged by the fact there is no Mitth'raw'nuruodo in the canon that they bitterly ruin the movie for hundreds of thousands of fans.

More outright threats to the Star Wars community
More outright threats to the Star Wars community

In short, maybe it's time to build yourself a nice Internet free fortress and read some nice books until the movie finally drops on Friday. And while you're at it, spare a thought for people like me whose job it is to look at crap on the Internet all day. I'm doomed.

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