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Ben Turner

The planet-wide revelation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens draws nigh. The dark side is gaining strength with the threat of malicious spoiler spreading becoming a real threat for the innocent Star Wars fan.

In the midst of growing public angst, a way to safeguard oneself against such awful danger has emerged.

It requires you to install, use and harness the powers of Force Block, a Google Chrome extension, as an effective means of protection.

The developer's latest update reads as follows:

Now, in addition to our standard pattern matching logic which requires a critical mass of related keywords to initiate a block, we've added a handful of instant-blocking key phrases, sourced from people who have seen the film via early screenings. One of our engineers took one for the team punching those in! Ironic, he could save others from spoilers... but not himself.

Our hearts go out to the engineers that threw themselves into the chilling unknown of spoiler space so that the civilians of Earth may view the seventh Star Wars episode in its most pure and untampered form.


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