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Filming for the third movie in the xXx franchise has begun this month, and star of the show Vin Diesel has been kind enough to share some behind the scenes concept art to whet our taste buds in anticipation.

The aptly named xXx: The Return of Xander Cage will see Vin Diesel return as the titular character. The original xXx movie was released in 2002, and was a financial success. Not surprising, considering the high octane scenes like the one below:

Taking to Instagram, Diesel shared the X-rated video of early concept art, with the caption:

"Sharing some concept art before heading to my meeting. So excited to start filming xXx, it's been a while since we've entered the Xander Zone"

Oh Vin, you tease you! The clips don't give much away, but we do see some interesting insights such as:

Vin Diesel jumping off of something

Vin Diesel sailing a boat in marshland

Vin Diesel riding a motorbike effortlessly underwater

Vin Diesel skateboarding. With a truck.

The follow up to the original xXx movie, xXx: State of the Union, was originally due to see Vin Diesel reprise the role of Xander, although he had to pull out due to filming clashing with his production of The Pacifier. xXx director Rob Cohen also had to pull out.

Ice Cube replaced Vin Diesel for the second film, but unfortunately it was neither a box office nor a critical success. It remains to be seen whether the return of Diesel will inject some new energy into the film.

Source: Instagram


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