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He may not have released much over the last 12 months, but once again the real Slim Shady has got all our jaws on the floor, but this time it's not because Pam and Tommy just burst in the door. Our jaws are dropped because, as of this week, Marshall Mathers broke a record that no other hip-hop artist has broken before.

On Monday the veteran hip-hop artist reached 17 million followers on his Vevo YouTube channel, completely kicking any other hip-hop star out of the playing field. In fact, there are only four other musicians in the world who've surpassed him: One Direction (18 million), Rihanna (18 million), Katy Perry (17.4 million) and Taylor Swift (17.3 million). You've got to admit that's pretty impressive!

According to DJ Booth there are a lot of people currently making solid music choices, as Slim can probably account his push over the winning line to the 34 million views his latest track, 'Phenomenal,' received. No doubt those numbers have a lot to do with the fact that this single features on the Southpaw soundtrack, and can be heard in the background during the Jake Gyllenhaal training scene below.

Join his ever growing VEVO fan base.

Source: Dj Booth, LB


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