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Every single year at Christmas, many of us get a flurry of happy feelings watching the 2003 British rom-com Love Actually. And if you're like me and know the movie back-to-front, you probably don't need to revisit the trailer for the festive classic -- but for the nostalgia factor, I suggest you do it anyway:

Yep, we all loved it but once the credits rolled, did you ever wonder where the various characters ended up? Did they all live happily ever after? Or did many live to see their relationships come crashing down around them?

Well, thankfully we're in luck. Emma Freud, the film's script editor has addressed the patchy plot lines and finally put some of our queries to bed when she live-tweeted while her husband, Love Actually director Richard Curtis, re-watched the Christmas masterpiece at a midnight screening in New York.

So without any further hesitation, let's take a look at what she had to say about the following relationships -- but be warned, you might not like what you're about to hear!

1. Did Karen manage to forgive Harry?

At the end of the movie, there was a huge amount of speculation on what happened to Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman's characters, after he had that 'sort-of' affair with his sexy turtleneck-wearing-short-skirt-donning employee (Heike Makatsch.) Yet, Freud cleared up their future quite succinctly, admitting that Harry did actually do the full-blown dirty with the saucy seductress:

In particular, Freud revealed that even after all these years, she finds it painful to watch the scene where Karen listens to Joni Mitchell, having just found out about her husband's infidelity:

2. Did little Sam win Joanna's heart?

You'll be happy to know that after all the effort he put into winning Joanna's heart (learning the drums, getting involved in a band, coping with all that teen angst, bizarrely getting through all that airport security in a post 9/11 society), they did actually become an item.

Freud revealed:


3. Did Juliet change her mind about Mark and divorce her husband?

If you were hoping this would actually manifest into a thing following his brave declaration of love on a bunch of cardboard, prepare to be disappointed. To use exactly the same quote from the movie, Freud put it simply:

Probs for the best, right?

4. Did Sarah and Karl finally get it on without the annoying interruption of a ringing mobile phone?

As Alan Rickman's character noted, Sarah had been obsessed with this Brazilian God for “two years, seven months, three days and… about an hour and 30 minutes" and we all held our breaths as she finally got that Adonis-like body into her bed!

Sadly, the moment was thwarted by a call from her mentally ill brother and although we always hoped they would rekindle the romance at a later date, according to Freud, this sadly never happened:

Oh, poor Sarah!

Which relationship was your favorite in Love Actually?



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