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Compiling this list has taught me several things...

Firstly, there was a lot of raunchy intercourse happening on our screens this year, and a lot of it managed to stray away from cheesy love scenes, awkward fumblings and over-the-top fakers.

Secondly, and this wasn't intentional, the best sex scenes of the year are incredibly diverse. Out of the 8 I picked, there is girl on girl, boy on boy, group, body positive, interracial, fetish and of course (fictional!) bloody vampiric sex (I'm sure you can't guess what I'm referring to with the latter...)

It seems that TV shows have been keen to explore what sex really is outside of that really small heteronormative box we all used to live in. Furthermore, it seems that audiences on the whole reacted well to all the different variations of human intimacy that were depicted.

Well done society.

1. Alana and Margot in 'Hannibal'

What I love about this one is the artistic subtlety that abstracts away from just meat-on-meat. It's a really well done scene.

If you want to explore more lesbian sex scenes in movie history: These Lesbian Sex Scenes Got Banned For Being Too Accurately Lesbian in fact.

2. Becky and J Poppa in 'Empire'

Kudos to Lee Daniels for showing that plus sized guys and girls love to have sex and look great doing it. This scene with Becky and J Poppa is incredibly romantic.

3. Marnie and Desi in 'Girls'

Yes there is munching of the derriere in this scene, and as far as we should be concerned, it's great to see non-heteronormative practices being shown. It makes sex less one dimensional and cliché -- and more realistic!

He cannot have faked that! We even thought about including him in this list of actors that had actual real sex In movies.

4. Group sex in 'Sense8'

Beautiful guys and girls having fun. Simples.

5. Sam and Gilly in 'Game of Thrones'

In the dark world of Westeros, people are more inclined to betray and kill each other in a story rife with rape and murder, so it was nice to see a consensual, loving young couple have a moment of intimacy. Consensual sex between two enthusiastic adults is the hottest!

6. Kevin and Patrick in 'Looking'

These two fellas have amazing bodies, but what is so nice about this scene is that the two really have a light-hearted and loving chemistry between them.

7. The Countess and Donovan in 'American Horror Story'

I couldn't not include this in the list, to be fair. Things get off to a kinky start before Donovan and The Countess give each other that knowing look, and all hell breaks. Of course, I'm not endorsing killing your sexual partner and sucking their blood. But within the context of it being a fictional horror show, this still deserved its place on the list.

8. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in 'Jessica Jones'

Some were surprised that this made it into the Netflix adaptation, and many praised it for being a realistic sex scene. The acting is also really on point. I think it's fair to say this was a well received scene.

Obviously there were quiet a lot of steamy sex scenes on the big screen as well: Here is a list of the sexiest scenes 2015 in cinema.


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