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Dragon's Lair was a popular arcade game in the 80s which had amazing graphics which resembled more a movie than a video game. It was notoriously hard and the animation was one of a kind. The game's animator was Don Bluth who is known for The Secret Of NIHM, The Land Before Time and even more animation classics. Recently Don Bluth appeared in one of Nostalgia Critic's video's on Youtube.

Nostalgia Critic is a known fan of Don Bluth and he and Don Bluth informs us in this video that there is a crowd funding project to make Dragon's Lair an actual movie. Don Bluth is doing this film with Gary Goldman who he has worked with previously. Recently the crowd funding goal was reached by earning $260,000. The money collected is going to be used to make a teaser presentation to investors to see if they are interested. The money collected was only a small step forward but hopefully there will be a Dragon's Lair movie coming to your cinema soon.

-Moses Ochs


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