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A Jedi, you will be! Waiting in line waiting to see the new Star Wars movie? Geek out to the max with this awesome new game from Google that will transform your smartphone into a lightsaber.

Defend yourself against waves of Storm Troopers with just your trusty lightsaber. In line with the long-awaited global release of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Google have today released a new game that turns your smartphone into a lightsaber allowing budding Jedis to wield the power of the force for the first time.

Lightsaber Escape is a brilliant yet simple game, the player must make their escape from an advancing army of Storm Troopers whilst deflecting their blaster shots back at them. You've seen it done in the movies, now it's your turn.

In order to play Lightsaber Escape you will first need to visit in Google Chrome on your desktop or on a surface device. Once here you will see a URL address you need to copy into your phone's Internet browser bar (it also works in Safari).

Once all this is complete you will be waging full-on interstellar war with just your lightsaber and the power of the force. Swing away Finn, swing away!

So, it would seem that even the mighty Google can become a slave to the power of the force. Don't forget that Google have hidden another truly out of this world Star Wars easter egg on their homepage - and we have just the phrase you need to unlock it.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away”. If you type this phrase into the Google search bar you will see the best results page you have ever seen. This even works on phones. We know how to geek out here. You are welcome Star Wars fans!

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