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'Hotline Bling' seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving in 2015 -- mainly because it showed us the phenomenon that is Drake dancing like a rapper simply should not.

In fact, the song is so 'in' right now that when W Magazine recently asked some Hollywood A-listers to do their own versions of the iconic hit, they unsurprisingly all jumped at the chance to get involved.

Drawing talent from a huge range of TV and movie genres, the following video breakdown boasts the skills of a myriad of celebs. Take a look at which individuals get their Drake on in the most epic way ever:

1. Bryan Cranston takes the task very seriously and sets it all out like a bedtime story

2. Saoirse Ronan gives us a glimpse of her melodic vocals

3. Elizabeth Banks gets all sassy with her rap

4. Paul Dano takes it down a notch with his monotone recital

5. Kristen Wiig is similarly unimpressed

6. Seth Rogan gets all straight with us

7. Amy Schumer just wants to tell us off apparently

7. Brie Larson shows us she's happy to bop along to whatever

8. And Rooney Mara makes it clear she just really doesn't give a f*ck

She's only really there to promote Carol anyway:

See who else gave their glorious vocals to the rendition in the full video below:


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