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We thought we'd be hard pressed to find a cooler teen than Lily-Rose Depp this year, but that theory could have just been proven wrong. Jude Law's 15-year-old daughter, Iris, has just swooped onto the scene and damn, does she look fierce.

Iris Law's first modeling gig is for British brand Illustrated People, who've collaborated with stylist Violetta Kassapi to create three sets of 'unique' pajamas which are currently making us all wish we looked that cool in our pjs.

Stylist Kassapi explains the looks:

“All these sets should be worn out — to bed wherever, your free to rock these anywhere. My girls are rude girly tomboys there aren’t any other PJ’s out there for this kind of girl.”

Iris isn't the only child from the Frost-Law camp to make waves in the modeling world, as 19-year-old Rafferty Law impressed the fashionistas in October 2014 when he took to the runway for DKNY. And who wouldn't be impressed, if not slightly (massively) jealous – just look at them!

Although it's hardly surprising these two teens are drop dead gorgeous with impeccable style choices when you take a minute to think about the gene pool and social network they were born into. Their mother is actress, fashion designer and socialite Sadie Frost, who hangs around with global mega models like Kate Moss:

And, well, their dad's Alfie, ain't he?

'Nuff said.

Source: People


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