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I have to say, the Elven King Thranduil was one of the highlights of the Hobbit movies. His combined flamboyancy and badassery made his character a fan-favorite. So much so that several cosplayers have tried to replicate his looks. But no one has done it better than this guy. DeviantART-user TheldeaFix has truly perfected the costume, and the resulting photos are stunning.

Not only is the costume perfect, the guy really nails Thranduil's iconic body language

Just look at that face!

It's even more impressive when you realize this guy actually made all the armor himself. And you can buy it on his Etsy!

Even the Elf ears look perfect

Bonus: Thranduil with a donut

This cosplay is truly perfect, and it really goes to show that some cosplayers have incredible skills and dedication.

If you want to check out the rest of TheldeaFix's cosplays, head on over to his deviantART profile.

Source: TheldeaFix


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