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The Marvel Universe and the DC Universe allow for lots of exciting possibilities for superheroes to join narratives together. Just look at Avengers or Batman v Superman. However, Hollywood is restricted within these set paradigms. What if we could see any two fictional characters, anywhere, fight each other?

Super Power Beat Down gives us exactly that - the web series, produced by Bat in the Sun, matches up two iconic super powers, and produces stunning videos where they do battle.

Fans on the site can select who they think would win, and the results of the poll are only shown after the video.

In their latest episode, they pit Darth Maul...

The deadly Sith Lord from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and The Clone Wars.

Against Spider-Man...

Stan Lee's Marvel-lous creation.

In the video, Darth Maul has kidnapped Mary Jane, calling for Peter Parker's alter ego to come to the rescue.

However, he could've met his match in Darth Maul, who has the Force on his side

The battle itself is out of this world, especially for something found on the world wide web

But is Spider-Man punching above his weight?

I won't give away the ending to the Spider-Man vs. Darth Maul battle... I'll let you see for yourself:

The video itself is really well produced and wouldn't look out of place on the big screen. In fact, the Deadpool-esque wisecracks and jovial nature of Spider-Man are truer to the comic book Spidey...


Who do YOU think would win in a battle?

Source: Super Power Beat Down


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