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Remember that dog drama out of Australia earlier this year? When headlines dramatically pointed to Johnny Depp's dogs being euthanized after an unauthorized entry into the country? And even the agriculture minister, Barnaby Joyce, got involved and threatened the little pooches with death?

Well, as it turns out, this bizarre tale is not quite over yet, and Depp's wife Amber Heard could end up in Australia's proverbial doghouse.

Heard will face trial for failing to quarantine her dogs this past July

When the actress landed in Australia in May to visit Johnny Depp while he was filming [Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales](tag:586017), she illegally brought along Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo on a private jet. The country has stringent regulations when it comes to animals to prevent the spread of disease, and everyone who wants to bring pets must apply for a permit and quarantine for at least 10 days upon arrival.

Obviously, Heard chose not to follow these rules, and she is even being charged with presenting a false document to quarantine officials in addition to the two counts of illegally importing dogs. In a released statement, she has confirmed that she will plead not guilty:

"My decision to defend these charges, as will become apparent in the appropriate forum of the Court, is not intended to in any way diminish the importance of Australia's laws."

If she ends up getting convicted, Heard could face 10 years in jail and steep fines. A four-day trial will occur starting April 18, and it's clear that the Australian courts are taking this very seriously. I guess these dog days have a long way to go before finally ending.

(Source: Time)


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