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Well, the months, nay years of hype have come to an end, and Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens has finally come. If you haven't got a chance to see it yet, then allow me to sum up for you the treat in store!

There are new heroes!

The likes of Finn, Rey and Poe Dameron embody a new generation for the franchise with such life, and more than a little humour, that you can't help but fall in love with them immediately! And you can't forget the likes of BB-8, who is both important to the story and absolutely hilarious to have around!

There are new villains!

Kylo Ren is a fascinating villain, with a whole lot of issues. But watching him in this film is like watching a brand new Darth Vader starting out. And he's not the only villain around, the likes of Supreme Leader Snoke and General Hux are evil to the core, and really provide more depth to the forces of evil than we had in the original trilogy!

There's a whole bunch of other new stuff!

Trust me, there are a lot of things that have changed in this galaxy in the past thirty years, and some things take some getting used to, but it is worth it when you do, because this is a new story starting, and a new generation to herald it in. However, all this new stuff doesn't stop there being...

Old Heroes!

The old generation is still around and kicking, and don't for a second believe that they're going to let the new kids have all the fun! Han, Leia, Luke, C-3PO, R2D2, Admiral Ackbar and Chewbacca are all back for the start of this new trilogy, and it's incredible to see them after all this time, changed... but unchanged. We are experiencing a whole new story, but it's still the Star Wars we know and love.

There Are Some Great Scenes!

The scene shown above is one of many fantastic scenes. Between hilarious, action-packed and emotional scenes, this film is a constant rollercoaster!

Everything Got Bigger!

Everything in this story seems to be bigger than in the original trilogy. It really becomes a whole different ball game for a whole different generation. It's really quite crazy!

Star Wars Is Back!

To sum it all up, Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens is both a spectacular tribute to the original trilogy, in a way that the prequels never were, as well as an incredible opening to a something very different. I was shaking uncontrollably for the last forty minutes of this film, because the finale was so powerful, and seeing it for the first time, on the big screen, was so incredible. I can't stress enough how much you should go see this film! I'm going again this weekend. With this film we can both honour the first three films, and open the world up to a lot of new stories. It's a very exciting time for anyone who loves Star Wars, and I can't wait to see more from these characters!

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And if any of you readers lucky enough to have seen the film already try to spoil it in the comments, you will be force choked.


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