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Batman: Arkham fans have been fairly disappointed by the releases that have accompanied the Season Pass for [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936). The DLC for this game has come out at a rather slow pace, and none of the packs have been able to satisfy fans desires for excellent additional content.

The next DLC pack on the horizon is going to be released on December 22nd, 2015 - just in time for Christmas. This DLC is going to bring four new Most Wanted missions which will be of the same length as the Most Wanted missions that are already available in Arkham Knight. It'll also bring the 2008 movie Batman skin and the original Arkham Batmobile. Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #5 is also included and it brings 6 TBC AR Challenges.

Batman: Arkham Knight & Its DLC Packs

Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

Back in April, Warner Bros. promised that they’d make the Arkham Knight season pass (an extra $40 on top of the base game’s $60 asking price) a worthwhile purchase by supporting the game with six months of add-ons that’d keep the game fresh. They haven't kept it fresh at all.

What they have done, is attempt to put a new coat of paint on top of the original model. Batman: Arkham Knight has received a few handfuls of skins which alter the appearances of the characters to look like movie versions of themselves, or like the comic-books and cartoons that preceded them. There have also been a few racetracks and very short single-player spotlights. This is not what you want from a Season Pass which cost players an additional $40.

Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

The way in which these packs have been released is remarkably restricting. Take a look at one gamer's statement on Arkham Knight's DLC, which has clearly infuriated them:

I'm absolutely appalled, first no Batcave, now no challenge, and no way for me to play as Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and other characters freely. They don't let us free roam with Batman's allies, and now I find out that I can't even use them whenever I like in other modes! I'm so mad right now.
Screw these watered down AR challenges, where are the real maps? Now, I was willing to look past the pathetically short DLC stories for Harley and Red Hood, becuase I thought "Oh well, at least I can play as them in challenege maps."
But guess what?! I can't even use my other playable characters apart from that short 10 minute story add-on. So, you're telling me the only time I get to play as Red Hood is by repeating the same old boring story mission over and over. The same goes for Harley - all the hype for preordering for nothing!
Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

We couldn't agree more. Fans have been loyal to Rocksteady and Warner Brothers Interactive by purchasing the season pass to what is actually a fantastic game. They expected their DLC to offer a similar level of quality, but the expansions for Batman: Arkham Knight have been the worst the series has seen yet. We sincerely hope that Rocksteady allows us to use the characters we've unlocked to traverse the open world at some point in the future.

This new DLC pack in December needs to help repair the reputation this game has had for expansions. The GCPD Lockdown DLC was alright, but it still failed to deliver the experience that we've come to expect from this series. Please, Rocksteady/Warner Brothers, fix it.


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