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Yes a sad but true to life story of the ( 1996) mount Everest expedition Disaster, this movie starts with a scene with several Expedition groups Arrive at mount Everest Base-camp, to prepare for they're climbing Experience. Some group members are already experience climbers, people like Doug Hansen ( John hawkes ) a former mail man. he and other members are middle aged folks who probably seems a little too old for this challenging trek.

However the expedition groups are commercial, Rob Hall ( Jason Clarke ) group leader for ''Adventure consultants'' and Scott Fischer ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) group leader for '' Moutain madness '' which is the other competing group. The two groups set out on they're journey from Base-camp, Worried about over crowding on the Moutain top, Rob Hall persuades Scott Fischer to cooperate with him on minimizing any Delays. by making rob's group get the Early morning start ahead before Dawn, This is rob's idea to reach the top of the Moutain and turn around by 2 p.m. which is the safest time for all of them to return to camp before night-fall.

Thing's start to go wrong when Rob's Group are delayed over an hour, After discovering Guide - ropes we're not yet installed on upper levels of the climb. Beck ( Josh Brolin ) who belong's to rob's group starts to experience Eye-sight problems and stops half way, rob Incourages beck not to continue the climb, If his sight doesn't improve in the next half an hour. Scott has completed his climb but is intent on ascending the moutain again to help a fellow climber. Rob warn's him on excessive exertion, But scott laugh's -off the warning,

However rob and his group reaches the top of the moutain on time. But the real problems start when a Snow Blizzard strikes the Moutain when they're oxygen bottles are empty and they Become semi- conscious . what do you do next ? Great acting by the cast members, Watching them go through the Sub-zero temperatures will have you on the edge of you're seat. directed by Baltasar komakur and written by William Nicholson Distributed by Universal Pictures. released on september 18, 2015 if you haven't seen it yet it's a great movie in my opinion.


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