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Winner of Spike's Ink Master, Scott Marshall, sadly passed away in October this year due to a 'deadly cocktail' of heroin and prescription drugs. He was 41 years old.

According to TMZ reports, the reality TV star was found dead in his hotel room in Roselle, Illinois, with a mix of “xanax, Valium, and the metabolized form of heroin,” found in his system.

The police are treating the incident as an accident, though it's suspected this is sadly not the first time Marshall has abused, with signs of previous intravenous drug use found via ‘red crusted abrasion’ found on his thigh and foot.

Johanna Marshall, Spike's wife, had heard from her husband who'd called her from his hotel room earlier that day, reportedly feeling too unwell to drive home. She was later alerted by police of his passing.

Marshall championed Ink Master in May 2014, winning a $100,000 and a spread in Inked magazine. He's survived by wife Johanna and their three children.

Source: TMZ, IB Times


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