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Many theater chains are banning costumes for the big opening weekend of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With many theaters in a panic over what is becoming a nationwide epidemic of mass shootings and ISIS threats. It really cannot come as much of surprise after the Aurora Colorado shooting during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 killing 12 people. Just recently this summer there was a shooting in Lafayette LA during a showing of Trainwreck. Many are taking what some see as extreme measures to try and keep movie goers safe this weekend. Chains like Bowtie, Cinemark, and AMC are some that will be implementing the costume bans. AMC has said: "Bring your lightsaber, turn it off during the movie, and leave the blaster and Darth Vader mask at home."

Others have posted signs in front of the theaters and on social media detailing their bans.

Bowtie Cinemas Costume Ban
Bowtie Cinemas Costume Ban
Cinemarks Cinemas posted this photo to social media
Cinemarks Cinemas posted this photo to social media

Some of the things that will banned are: Capes, Cloaks, Robes, Masks, Face paint, Simulated weapons like blasters, and some are going as far as to banning lightsabers which they say is more because they are a distraction rather than a safety risk.

One thing is very clear paranoia and fear is running very rampant in our country.

What do you think about the costume bans? Do you think they are taking this too far? Or do you agree with them? Is your city or town banning costumes? Let us know!


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