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Tom Hardy has made a career of being the villain and the tough guy, but now he's a star in a whole new venture - Dubsmash. For those that are not aware of Dubsmash, it is an app that allows the user to lip sync your favorite songs or movie quotes.

Tom Hardy may appear to be shy during interviews, but he owns his less than tough guy actions (like the trove of Myspace pictures that have been plastered everywhere). His Mad Max stunt double, Jake Tomuri, outed him as being the king of Dubsmash and Hardy has no shame about his "secret" love of lip syncing. He even competed against Demi Lovato on the talk show Chatty Man in a lip Sync battle. Enjoy these clips of the immensely talented Tom Hardy lip syncing some pretty non-Hardy songs.

Whitney Houston

The Bee Gees



Bobby Shmurda

50 Cent



50 Cent (Again)

Compilation (Hilarious)

Is there anything he is not awesome at? As if we needed anymore reasons to love Tom Hardy. Do you think you could out lip sync him?


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