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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

We've all been there. The hour is ungodly, take-out detritus litters every surface, personal hygiene was abandoned countless retries ago and you're left trying to recall the last time you spoke to someone who wasn't constructed by lines of code.

It's a familiar scenario for the seasoned gamer, hooked by a web of diabolically addictive design. There are some video games that, for whatever reason, you just can't seem to quit. Every one of these titles had me lying to myself over and over again. Just. One. More. Game.

10. 'Minecraft'

Notch's $2.5 billion brainwave sparked a phenomenon, birthing endless mods, books, toys, and every other form of merchandise sent out to satiate the helpless Mincraft junkies. This block-based possibility space offers such awe-inspiring opportunity, it's hard to know when to lay down your pickaxe and call it a day.

9.' Dota 2'

The king of MOBAs hasn't established itself as the game of choice for competitive e-sports without good reason, offering a tactical depth that will keep you storming through those lanes time and time again.

8. 'Spelunky'

With no two runs down Spelunky's randomly generated gauntlet the same, this devious game demands mastery through repetition. It's hard as nails, but, crucially, never feels unfair. A lesson is learned from every death, always leaving you determined to top your previous attempt.

7. 'World of Warcraft'

What more can be said about Blizzard's legendary MMO? Perhaps some numbers: 11 years, 5.6 million subscribers, 100 million players and 5 expansions later, WoW is still dominating gamers' lives. If you haven't yet played it I advise you to stay away before it sinks its claws in you.

6. 'Tetris'

A concept that's timeless, elegant, simple and so thoroughly absorbing, Tetris is quite possibly the perfect video game. Though you're only ever playing against yourself, it's the competitive spirit within that turns out to be one of gaming's most compelling opponents.

5. 'Fallout 3'

I lost count of the hours I spent in Fallout's irradiated wasteland, scavenging for supplies, conversing with NPCs and trying to avoid becoming Super Mutant breakfast meat. The world is dynamic, endlessly interactive and superbly atmospheric. Bravo, Bethesda.

4. 'Rocket League'

I still can't quite drag myself away from the surprise smash hit of the summer, logging in every night to get my car-soccer fix. It's a game that demands teamwork, restraint and finesse, beautifully designed and with perfectly tuned controls. I'll be boosting my way across the field well into 2016.

3.'The Sims'

As soon as The Sims came out I was hooked good and hard. In fact, I think the game might have induced a minor existential crisis when I realized that I'd been furtively micromanaging every aspect of a digital person's life whilst so flagrantly neglecting my own. I admitted I had a problem, got help and finally abandoned my third floor extension. It was probably for the best.

2. 'Theme Hospital'

Why I found managing my own fictional hospital ward so compelling, I don't know. But there was something inescapably satisfying about researching new illnesses, firing malpractice doctors and filling my waiting rooms with soda machines. It stole more of my time that I'd care to admit here, but hey -- at least all those bloaty head patients have regular sized craniums now.

1. 'Civilization V'

To be perfectly honest, I could have included any of the truly excellent Civilization games on this list but V's vice-like grip on my life stands out from the rest. 400 turns in, I had spread my army to the far reaches of the globe, crushing futile resistances with my superior technology and unforgiving tactics. That was until Ghandi had enough, declared war on my humble nation and stole my poorly guarded capital from under my nose. So f**k Ghandi... and Civ.


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