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Rockstar's open world crime simulator, Grand Theft Auto, has won widespread acclaim in the 16 years since the first iteration hit shelves, the developers praised most highly for their capacity to craft immersive urban worlds that are drenched in atmosphere.

Each game's unique environment often co-opts the focus of all pre-release hype and speculation, as fans wonder whether the franchise can possibly top itself in both detail and size. It might surprise you, however, that some games in the series have taken a step back from their predecessor in the map size department, but just how big is each game relative to the others? YouTube user TheyCallMeConor resolved to find out first hand, embarking on an epic walking (and occasionally swimming) pilgrimage across every GTA's map.

Watch the full time-lapse below:

The total time taken to traverse each world can be found below, in ascending order...

'GTA: Vice City' - 13 mins

'GTA II' - 13 mins, 15 secs

'GTA III' - 14 mins, 20 secs

'GTA I' - 26 mins, 30 secs

'GTA IV' - 1hr, 5 mins

'GTA: San Andreas' - 1hr, 36 mins

'GTA V' - 2hrs, 21 mins

Total time - 6hrs, 9 mins

Not too shabby, eh? But, as impressive as Rockstar's vast environments are, there's another game that single handedly trumps the entire franchise. The same YouTuber took a whopping 8 hours, 40 minutes to walk across the entire Just Cause 3 map. Up your game, Rockstar.

[Source: TheyCallMeConor]


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