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Above is a video I made explaining my theory about what has happened or will happen to Luke Skywalker int he new movie. If you don't want to watch, below is a written copy:

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is almost upon us, and I think it’s safe to say at this point everyone has heard the rumours about Luke Skywalker actually be the villain of the new trilogy. The rumour even goes as far as to suggest that He and Kylo-Ren are the same person.

While I do love the twist of the hero of the Original Trilogy being the villain of this new trilogy, which would be a great way to introduce a villain to the series that we already have an established connection to, I don’t actually think this is the direction that the new film is taking. While there is a lot of evidence to support it, which I won’t reiterate here (if you really want to know just google it), I simply don’t think that the casting of Adan Driver is the red herring everyone claims it to be. For one, although it is the type of thing JJ Abrams would pull, there are publicity shots of Driver in the costume not wearing the mask, and there are also publicity shots of Mark Hamill in white Jedi robes. As you can tell from the title, my theory is that the twist will actually be that Luke Skywalker is dead… or more accurately that he has hidden away in exile to the point where everyone thinks he’s dead and will eventually be killed in the film. What I believe is that Hamill’s exclusion from the trailer and other publicity events is more of an indication of what his role in the film will be, in that the characters don’t know where he is or what he’s up to. I think Luke has just simply retreated into exile and hasn’t been seen or heard from in many, many years. By leaving him out of promotional material JJ Abrams has ensured that the mystery question we’re all asking ourselves is the same one that the Star Wars characters are asking themselves, where is Luke? This move to make the entire experience even more subversive for the audience by giving us a big main mystery to latch onto is a brilliant and classic Abrams move.

Now the big question is why is Luke in exile? For the same reason Obi-Wan and Yoda were, because they not only suffered a tremendous failure and defeat, but because they were also being hunted. What we know about Kylo Ren from the trailer is that he apparently has some kind of obsession with Darth Vader, as evident by the fact that he keeps his melted helmet in his room, and he plans to finish what Vader started. Now, what he means when he says this is open to some interpretation, but I think what he’s talking about is what Vader is most famous for, the eradication of the Jedi. Kylo has taken it upon himself to hunt down any force sensitive beings and either enlist them to join his Knights of Ren or murder them. Realising he’d never accomplish this task while Luke was still alive he undoubtably went after Luke first. Luke then realised that the only way to protect his friends and the Rebellion was to go into hiding in a self imposed exile, shutting himself off from the world and making it difficult to be tracked using the force the same way Obi-Wan and Yoda did.

How I think Luke will eventually meet his ultimate end and join the nether world of the force has a lot to do with what I believe the plot of the film will be. I believe that Rey (who is probably somebodies daughter who was hidden away to protect her or some shit like that) will discover in the film that she has force powers. She won’t know what they are, they will be a relatively new thing to her, but it’ll be enough of an out burst that both Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker will feel a great disturbance that will put both of them back into action. Kylo will begin tearing across the galaxy searching for the location of the presence he felt, killing and destroy all in his way. Luke himself might even start tracking the presence, and will constantly be just one step behind everyone else. This disturbance will be where the film draws it’s name from, as not only will the force finally be awakening in Rey, but it will also cause a reawakening of Luke as an active Jedi, hence “The Force Awakens”.

Soon Ray will team up with Han and Chewy and Finn, along with what seem to be a band of space pirates/criminals, to track down the rebel fighters lead by Leia in an effort to protect Ray from being captured and killed by Kylo and the first order. I think one of the pirates has gotten their hands on Luke’s old lightsaber and that Finn simply picks it up and begins using it during various battles without any real clue about what he’s doing or the significance of the weapon. He’s simply just a disenfranchised stormtrooper, which was probably caused after Kylo Ren made him murder a bunch of villages looking for Rey, he’s not a Jedi. If he was, Kylo probably would of know a lot sooner and enlisted him into his order of Knights. Eventually the lightsaber will be bestowed unto Rey once she become more attuned with her powers. How will we know when this time has come? Again it all comes back to Luke, because it’ll be the same way that we saw him becoming more attuned with the force, his visions of Obi-Wan. In the film Luke will probably track down and save Rey, Finn, Han and Chewy from being captured by the order and will inform Rey of what her powers are and probably what her true parentage is (though most likely in a more gentle way than his father). After some time spent together, they will come into contact with Kylo Ren again, and in the resulting Lightsaber battle, Luke will pull a Kenobi and sacrifice himself to save the others.

So yes, I believe full heartedly that Luke will be the first member of the original trilogy’s main heroes to die. However, being a Jedi this doesn’t mean it’s the end for him, because he can come back as a force ghost so that he can train Rey in ways of the force just as Obi-Wan did fro him before sending him off to Yoda. Luke will probably meet his demise somewhere in the middle of the film before the main group reach the Rebel base. Once there they will probably work together with everyone to mount a full scale counter attack on the first Order, during which Rey will probably continue to hear Luke’s voice in her head telling her to trust her feelings and all the rest of it. I’m not sure how the film will end, but I’m pretty certain that it’ll involve Rey picking up that lightsaber and saving Finn’s ass from being separated from his head by Kylo Ren.

So, there you have it. Those are my predictions for Star Wars the Force Awakens. Rey is a secret Jedi, Finn is the real red herring of the trailers, and Luke will come out exile to only then be immediately murdered by Kylo Ren so that he can better assist his new friends as a ghost…

Wow, when I phrase it like that it actually sounds kinda stupid.

Anyway, thanks for your time, I hope you enjoyed my theory, which in two days time will probably be proven wrong. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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