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Oh yeah! I am doing this ( mostly because I really do watch all of these shows and it is fun!) because my one follower deserves to know, what I think (that person) should watch in 2016. Oh my friend you may disagree, ( feel free) but know I have put hours and minutes into this post. Will your favorite show make the list? Yeah, probably! No further ado, my 2015 list of top television inspired by the page of comic books!

10. Gotham (Fox)

The first season of this show " Why am I watching this, it is cheesy, and more important no batman?" The second season things did pick up, I really dig the more serialized aspect approach to Gotham. This show is very violent, and with little substance for sustenance. Yet I still enjoy watching this, no matter. I watch television shows not to bash, but simply because either I enjoy the story, or I do not. I watch Gotham every Monday, yet the show does not arouse (poor choice) like others on this list, but I will still watch Gotham's Gordon.

9. Agent Carter (ABC)

This show started off strong in January of 2015. After a couple of episodes the show just was not as riveting as I would of liked. Yet I thoroughly enjoyed the style of 1940's, and I love Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis. I am excited for the new season and if it can maintain, then the show will no doubt be back on in 2017. Captain America: The First Avenger was incredibly sad and I am happy that Peggy got a win.

8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC)

This show has shown vast improvements since the first half of Season 1. I love Daisy(Quake) and the whole Inhuman story line. One of my favorite baddie's of all of TV, Grant Ward displays enough nuance to keep the show going. I cannot wait to see where he takes Lash ( or what he'll do) during the rest of the season.

7. Supergirl (CBS) (Spoilers)

This show has amazing potential and sometimes extremely cheesy dialogue. Yet I have been watching this show live ( I know right what is wrong with me?) and they just freaking introduced Martian the Manhunter. This show could of been higher with those two combos!

6. The Walking Dead (AMC)

This reason will be quick. I love how the show starts off a season. Yet the middle of each half of every season (BLOWS). You have to put filler in a 16-episode season? I will not spoil the big reveal, but WTF, it really pissed me off!

5. Arrow (CW)

The epitome of soap opera heroics(not a bad thing)! Season 3 left a lot to be desired and this season less with Damien Darhk! I love to watch this show every Wednesday and I cannot wait to see what happens when it returns from break. This show is amazing on the CW and Stephen Amell ( rest of cast i love Willa Holland as Speedy too) embodies the character Green Arrow ( just waiting for him to be a tad funnier). Will Felicity become the Oracle? How can Team Arrow stop H.I.V.E?

4. Jessica Jones (Netflix)

I really did like this show. Kilgrave was way more broken than JJones. Luke Cage and Patty Walker were awesome as supporting characters. My excitement was peaked since I heard that this was coming out. It could of been higher with a little more action, (I know the point of this show, psychological thriller) but overall color me impressed.

3. IZombie (CW)

I heard the name of this show and I thought this will be stupid. Then I watch it, and I was enamored. The show comes from the brilliant minds behind Veronica Mars and I am all ready dead( I could not help myself, watch the show to get it). This show mixes humor and ( well) everything together in a tight-weave that has me clapping ( my hands) with joy the for 20-episode order ( 20?) of season 2. The beginning of season 2 was a little hit and miss,but wow they just went H.A.M!

2. Daredevil ( Netflix)

I know, but I liked Jessica Jones better( You did, I did not obviously.Opinions). I love the action, Matt Murdock, Wilson Fisk, and cinematography of the show. My only complaint was that they could of spiced up the very last fight scene. There was little doubt or even intensity in the final showdown. This show went into detail (like The Wire) on what you have to do stop powerful people with nefarious plans. Did you hear? The Punisher will be in season 2, with Elektra. Can April of 2016 come all ready?

1. The Flash ( CW)

I did not think a show on the CW called The Flash would work, at all (it is at no.1 so I was wrong). WHO IS ZOOM? This is literally driving me crazy. I go to a therapist and just so she won't judge and also so that she has to listen to me talk. This show like some other shows on this list can be cheesy, but it also extremely funny ( Cisco), extremely endearing ( Joe), extremely heroic ( Team Flash). Harrison Wells might be one of the greatest villains ever to appear in anything. Week in and week out this is the show that I look most forward to watching. The graphics are amazing and it is a CW show. I cannot wait for it to start again in 2016!

Thank you for reading and please if you disagree with any part of my list, ( Please write it in the comments) I do not know how you could?


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