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The newest Spider-Man Tom Holland was spotted on the set of the new Marvel move Doctor Strange. Producer Louis D’Esposito posted a photo to twitter of himself with Tom and the director Scott Derrickson.

It has of course started speculation if we will see Spider-Man in the upcoming film starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. It has already been revealed that Holland will be appearing as Spider-Man in the latest Captain America film Civil War coming out next year. Which was a pretty big deal since Marvel still does not own the rights to Spider-Man. Many fans were happy to hear that one of the main characters directly involved in the story arc would still appear despite differing studios owning the rights.

Is it possible that Sony Pictures is allowing their new star to appear in another rival film? Or is it more plausible that Tom was just a visitor on set getting to know some of the other members of the MCU?


Do you think Tom will appear in Doctor Strange?


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