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Graphic Designer / Illustrator who loves comics, star wars, sci-fi stuff and movies.
Luis Pinto (ElPinto)
Star Wars films have given us some of the most iconic & beloved characters of all time, the concept of the light/dark side and amazing battles between good & evil. That's why I couldn't resist in making this pieces for this wonderful saga.

I am a professional graphic designer/illustrator based in Guatemala. I am always looking for interesting projects to work on. I usually work on a broad range of projects, from digital/traditional painting to vector icons and lettering.

For these posters the creative process was a pleasure, from choosing which characters I wanted to illustrate to the way I wanted to see them in the graphic composition. I really hope that you enjoy the final result as much as I did.

Check them out below:

"The Light Side" by Luis Pinto, 2015.
"The Light Side" by Luis Pinto, 2015.
"The Rebels" by Luis Pinto, 2015.
"The Rebels" by Luis Pinto, 2015.
"The Dark Side" by Luis Pinto, 2015.
"The Dark Side" by Luis Pinto, 2015.

"The Skywalkers" series (2015) are based on the original Star Wars trilogy, using their iconic & beloved characters, the concept of the force and the amazing ships/tech pieces that happen to be on the films.

Also this is my graphic tribute (fanart) to one of the most anticipated movies of the year (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) highlighting the main new characters (Kylo Ren, Rey & Finn). The concept was to have the force (light&dark) as the core of the piece, using a pop-classic poster style.

May the force be with you, always.

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