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Yes, you've read right - the trailer for My Sweet Audrina is finally here and as promised here is my review of the trailer of the latest Virginia Andrews adaptation.

Following my well received blog in regards to the cast and crew of MSA, I was excited and intrigued to see a trailer or promo of one of my new favourite novels. Lifetime has now confirmed that the USA premiere will be on 9th January 2016 and while the U.K. Premiere is still to be confirmed, the first trailer was released earlier this week - unfortunately, it was only a 30 second promo video but it definitely caught my interest with its beautiful cinematography and intense acting.

Vengeful Vera:

The trailer begins with Vera (played by Tess Atkins) angrily promising an unseen character that one day all of the secrets of their house will be revealed. I was automatically sold with Atkins playing Vera, the chilling way she delivered her line was filled with the right amount of venom and quiet rage that it captured the darkness of her character and this looks like a brilliant casting choice - I'm excited to see Tess take on this role in the film

Whitefern Hall:

I was a bit uncertain of the house that had been chosen to become the main character's home that holds so many of the family's dark and twisted secrets, the director posted pictures on Twitter for fans during production of this film. Looking at the shot of the house surrounded by the beautiful greenery and seeing Audrina (played by India Eisley) staring up at the house in the distance, the house looked really impressive and quite appropriate for this story now you can see it in its full glory - Whitefern has my vote, the night scenes will look perfectly gothic!

Daddy Dearest:

This shot was absolutely gorgeous and so powerful. The contrast of colours in this scene worked perfectly - seeing Damien (played by James Tupper) cradling little Audrina (played by Imogen Tear) in his arms in her bedroom while sitting on the rocking chair is heartbreakingly tragic - the whites of their clothes and the white colour scheme of the bedroom represent purity and innocence, but the fact they are sitting in darkness shows that something terrible and sinister has happened to destroy that innocence - the cinematography in this scene looked incredible and really told a story in a meaningful way.

Deadly Lovers:

One of the most emotionally intense scenes from the novel was the climax scene in the graveyard where Audrina and Arden make love on the grave of the First and Best Audrina, which is both passionate and born out anger and betrayal. William Moesley (Arden) and India are both talented and professional actors, but this would be a very difficult scene to portray from book to screen and it seems director Mike Rohl has risen to the task - the trailer showed both characters making love on the grave, which looked both intense and passionate as they cling to each other in the pouring rain. I'm excited to see the chemistry between India and William as they play this dark and doomed love story.

Bloody Hell, Mother:

We finally have our first glimpse of Kirsten Robek and Jennifer Copping as Whitefern sisters Lucietta and Ellsbeth. Kirsten looks stunning as Audrina's mother and Jennifer looks capita ting as Vera mother, both of them appearing in a very dark scene. This shot has definitely sparked debates among VC Andrews fans - Lucietta is looking terrified as she reaches a hand covered in fresh blood and staring up at something or someone while Ellsbeth holds her up looking equally worried. Some are concerned this scene is her having a miscarriage, which doesn't happen in the story and she gives birth to Audrina's younger sister. However, this novel is famous for its non-linear narrative and I strongly believe this is a flashback from Audrina's childhood after the horrific assault on her birthday and this scene is both her mother and aunt trying to calm her down because both characters are looking offscreen instead of at Lucky's hand and it looks like she is reaching for someone. I sincerely hope Sylvia is not killed off and she still plays a key role, but we shall wait and see.

Trapped in a coffin:

Tensions between this family run high on many occasions and this looks like one with Audrina and possessive father Damien. We see Audrina running upstairs with Damien following close behind, a heated argument going on as Audrina turns to scream at her father "It's like I'm already dead, this house is my coffin!". Audrina starts off this story as very quiet and obedient, but as secrets and lies begin to unravel and she becomes much stronger and fierce. This looks like Audrina has been pushed to her emotional breaking point and is trying to break free from her father's controlling ways - it'll be interesting to see how India plays that character development.

Sleeping Beauty:

As well as lies, deceit, abuse and dark secrets - there's someone attacking the women in the family down flights of stairs with fatal consequences and Audrina does fall victim to one of these incidents and goes into a coma from severe head injuries. With Vera being a qualified nurse, Audrina is kept at home and the family watch over her. This scene shows Audrina on life support and still comatose in her bedroom as Arden sits by her bedside looking hopeless. The morbid scene shows signs of hope with subtle lighting and the religious figures in the stain glass windows behind her. Despite our main protagonist being unconscious, she's very aware of her surroundings and overhears the other characters discussing her fate - this should have great acting from Moesley, Tupper and Atkins especially in these scenes.

Some secrets should stay buried:

Audrina's world begins to crumble as she discovers the horrifying truth of her past and the disturbing lengths her family have gone to protect her, which is seriously dark stuff by the way. This scene shows Audrina frantically digging up her dead sister's grave for conformations what her father said was true, where Arden finds her and this is where the argument between them leads to the sex scene referenced earlier. As I've talked about the second half of this scene, the first half should show some emotional acting as Audrina has discovered that not only her family have lied to her but also the man she loves - poor girl, but I can't wait to see this scene as it was a very intense scene in the book.

The Heroine:

India Eisley takes on the title role and from the scenes shown in this trailer, she has really captured the emotional core of her character. From her previous acting credits, I thought it was a well done casting choice and I was excited to see her take on this role. Even though the actress has not dyed her hair witchy blonde or worn violet contact lenses, her acting in this trailer looks absolutely flawless and I personally can overlook that her appearance does not resemble her character's appearance from the novel - her performance as Audrina looks brilliant. In the final scenes of the trailer, we see Audrina tearfully asking a character offscreen "How could you keep this from me?" and her looking out of the window with a fearful expression that looks like she's come to a devastating realisation. This is a character with many layers and grows into a much stronger character, I'm really looking forward to seeing India bring Audrina to life.

This trailer has definitely given a fantastic teaser for Virginia Andrews fans and although I absolutely loved the acting and the direction, I would have liked a longer trailer and I really believe Andrew Neiderman (VC Andrew's ghost writer) that this film will be the best out of all of the Lifetime adaptations of VC Andrews' novels with its darker tones and impressive acting.

Remember - the USA premiere of My Sweet Audrina will be on the 9th January 2016 at 8pm and make sure to go to The Complete VC Andrews website and Facebook page for updates on the movie and other news.

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