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GOOD GRIEF! Can it be that it's already been 50 years since the trademark Christmas special made its debut on ABC, featuring Charlie Brown and the other Peanuts?? *Sigh* I guess it must be, seeing as how there are a number of tributes being made to the legendary cartoon. Back in 1965 ABC televised "A Charlie Brown Christmas for the time, based on the late, great cartoonist Charles Schulz's comic strip, featuring the highly acclaimed Peanuts characters. The result? A permanent staple for all time, to be associated with all things Christmas! Also, let's not forget the music, composed by jazz great and composer Vince Guaraldi! As soon as you hear the theme (known as "Linus and Lucy") you know you're about to watch a Peanuts special. The music is much a classic as the cartoon is, honestly.

Charlie Brown makes his yearly tale of woe, where he has to be consoled by both Linus and Lucy, (separately, of course) and we get the story of how Charlie Brown directed a play to help him overcome the holiday blues. Snoopy, for the first time, is not trying to track down the dastardly Red Baron, which seems to be the big dog's overall mission in life, but we get to enjoy that in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" to hilarious effect. But even so, Snoopy is one of the great stars of the show. While we get to see Schroeder playing his piano while Lucy lounges on the end of it, Snoopy comes along as Schroeder decides to jazz it up, and he nerve enough to dance and have a gay time goofing around on it. Of course, it doesn't take very long for the elementary-school-age maestro to become aware of such hi-jinks that both he and Lucy give Snoopy the evil eye that even Darth Vader would be proud of! "Get thee behind me, Snoopy!" one could almost the two of them thinking. hahaha! But I digress. As the poor eccentric beagle makes his way off the piano and slithers away with more than his tail between his legs, we get reminded, as he does, that there's more than carefree laughs to think of at this time of the year. (However, I have no intention of going into my personal blues for this season specifically this year, so feel free to applaud as loudly as you like. :) )

Charlie Brown and Linus go find a Christmas tree, in a tree lot filled with what sounds like aluminum trees. The funniest line in the cartoon is when Linus wonders the obvious, "Gee, do they even make wooden Christmas trees anymore?" It's such a great line it's worth watching the show for. Lucy demands to be included in the play because, as she puts it, to Charlie Brown, "Are you going to let all this beauty go to waste??" With reasoning like that, I think she should very well be left out, just to give her what for! But hey, I didn't write it, so obviously she's going to have a role in it somewhere, maybe shoveling out horse stalls? hahaha! Now that would be funny, to me, anyway.

But, honestly, the Peanuts help remind us that while there are big adventures for us to watch and enjoy, (action/adventure movies like "Avengers: Age of Ultron", Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation", "Ant-Man" and countless others) there are also the little adventures that make things worthwhile, as well. And while these little episodes may seem insignificant and inconsequential to the rest of the world, they mean the world to those who have them and enjoy them for what they are. And that's what Charles Schulz gave us, beginning so many years ago, in addition to what he gave us in 1965. Thank you, Mr. Schulz. (Your dog's waiting with his supper dish.)

Thank you, Mr. Schulz.
Thank you, Mr. Schulz.


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