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Kristin Lai

There are plenty of reasons to be happy this time of year. For one, it's the holidays, meaning plenty of time spent with our loved ones. But, more importantly, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally arrived!

If you're not already exploding with joy at the prospect of seeing a brand new Star Wars in theaters, then maybe this furry little fan will do the trick. Moviepilot, meet Arya the Corgi.

Arya is a 2-year-old Los Angeles-based Pembroke Welsh corgi with a love of dressing up. In honor of The Force Awakens, Arya was gearing up to fly her own X-wing Starfighter and wearing a Rebel flight suit. Check out the unbelievably adorable pictures posted to her Instagram page.

These images quicker to warm my heart than the inside of a Tauntaun on a cold Hoth night. Keep on doing your thing, Arya the Corgi!

To see more of Arya the Corgi's cosplays and daily life, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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