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Unfortunately, the 10th episode of the fourth season of Arrow is still over a month away (the episode will air on the January 20, to be precise). However, it is not all doom and gloom. In order to cheer you up and remind you of some of the cool moments that this season has produced, here are the best memes from the fourth season of Arrow so far:

P.S. I hope you will enjoy reading this article! Please feel free to suggest your favorite memes and I will add them to the list.

He's still a part of the family, though...

At least Oliver is brave enough to admit he was wrong!

In case you were wondering where all the money went...

Who said that monogamy is the way to go?!

Stereotyping at its finest...

Every hero started somewhere!

After all, this is what friends are for!

That awkward moment when you try to appear tough on the outside, but you are actually as cuddly as anyone!

Don't be selfish, Oliver! Cordon Bleu is love!

While we are at it...

Yeah, right, Greg Berlanti!

Hmm, I think I've seen something similar somewhere...

Gotcha, Felicity!

If you can't find your Green Arrow toy, I know where it is!

Source: All images are courtesy of Stephen Amell's and Caity Lotz's official Facebook pages.

So, there you have it! Which meme was your favorite? Check out the promo for episode 10 of Arrow which returns January 20 on CW!


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