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I had to go away and give this a tremendous amount of thought. My initial reaction was ‘’no no of course he’s not, don’t be so silly’’ but I thought about it all night. I considered different angles and ways it could work; I then watched the film twice today in school. And here are my thoughts:

Firstly, if there were to be an imaginary character, surely it would be Cameron. He’s home alone and he has no interactions with anyone without Ferris being there – apart from that scene with Sloane when Ferris has disappeared into the parade (which could be Ferris questioning his own seeming invincibility?). Ferris impacts on so many people’s lives. He has parents, a sister, a girlfriend. Cameron’s only real impact is on Ferris.

If we accept Cameron as a figment of Ferris’s imagination, where does that leave us? Ferris takes the day off, but cannot collect Sloane from school in a Ferrari or in fact in any car as he doesn’t have one. Does this mean that the whole outing never happened? Does he actually just laze around by the pool all day? That's a rubbish film.

And this takes me back to my original line of thought. No, no, of course not. Don’t be silly. Both of them exist.

I then read the online explanation of the fan theory and every ‘’telling moment’’ can be easily explained away. All of the interactions where Ferris shows insight into Cameron’s way of thinking are down to the fact that they’ve been best friends for so long – just like Cameron says ‘’he’ll keep calling me, he’ll keep calling me…’’. They know each other inside out. Surely the Ferrari licence plate is a reference to Cameron's father's attitude?

Ferris Bueller is real. If anyone is the figment it's Cameron. But he's real too. SAVE FERRIS


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