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Before I start this off I want to say this a NON-SPOILER review. I will have full spoiler talks up on a podcast this weekend.

I seen this movie at 12 o'clock this morning in a packed cinema the atmosphere was amazing and I loved every second of it. Thankfully all the die hard Star Wars fans (myself included) standing in one room wasn't the highlight. For the first time since 1983 Star Wars was enjoyed by young and old. The story is amazing the characters are iconic and Han fucking Solo is back. That was my one worry that Harrison would be Harrison dressed as Han, no Harrison Ford for (in my opinion) the first time in a long time is not playing himself in a movie. Kylo Ren, I loved this character right off the bat and now I hate him, but not because he was a shit character no. Because he was a shit person this guy was written so well and portrayed so well by the great Adam Driver that I hated this fucking guy by the time the movie was over but I still want more. Let me say this he is not by any means a re-hash of Darth Vader he is a villain that can stand well on his own and will be iconic for quite sometime. My next favourite is hard to sum up because there is Poe Dameron who is played by the amazing Oscar Isaacs and Finn played by John Boyega I loved both these characters so much they were integral to the plot they were witty they were charming they were everything you would expect from a Star Wars character. Now I am going to step a way from the characters for a second to tell you about something that a few people are complaining about. CGI. As you know Andy Serkis is playing Jar Ja... I mean Supreme Leader Snoke and there is another CGI character called (and I can't spell it so sorry) Moz Canata many people have complained that they look weird I disagree. I believe that they are perfectly fine and fit well in the movie. Honestly there is not much that I can say about this movie that I didn't like at all. Back to characters the last one I am going to talk about is Rey. Rey is played by the incredibly beautiful Daisy Ridley and is by far the best character of this new trilogy so far of course, her character progression is amazing and Daisy was a good choice, she blew me away. Another problem a lot people had is that it glossed over a lot of stuff, what people don't realise is that there is 30 YEARS of story to tell they can't tell it all in 2 hours. If you were a fan of the prequels or the originals then you'll love this movie this is Star Wars done right. 10/10.

Overall I loved The Force Awakens and I think a lot of people will thank you for reading my review. I will post a link to the spoiler filled Podcast when it is released.


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